ACAMIS Strategic Plan 2010-2012

Mission:  Linking students and schools within ACAMIS

Vision Statements
  1. Optimal opportunities and experiences link ACAMIS students and staff through sports, cultural and academic activities and events
  2. A successful, respected and effective ACAMIS international teaching community continues to improve through professional development
    • to broaden the dimensions of international education at all ACAMIS schools
    • to advance the professional growth of individuals within ACAMIS schools and like schools.
    • to cooperate with other organizations and individuals pursuing the same objectives as ACAMIS.
    • to support national and regional networking to link ACAMIS schools.
    • to offer a professional service for member schools.

Objective 1

ACAMIS supports and extends the range of opportunities for interaction between students in member schools.
    • Facilitate long term calendar planning to enable member schools to participate in ACAMIS and non-ACAMIS programs
    • Review the breadth of activities offered and evaluate the structures for management and delivery
Key Performance Indicators
    • ACAMIS sports, cultural and academic student interaction flourish and expand
    • Key volunteer leaders identified to promote the work of ACAMIS networks in sports, cultural, and academic spheres
 Targets 2009-2012
    • Delineation of funding strategies for ACAMIS events in line with concept of not-for-profit student events
    • Creation of 3-year calendar with clear delineation of Cultural and Academic Student Events
    • ACAMIS Community Service Network established
    • Leaders  identified for community service
    • An ACAMIS Student Council set up with identified leaders
    • An ACAMIS Community Service Convention for students and teachers takes place
    • An ACAMIS Student Council Convention takes place for students and teachers
    • An ACAMIS Community Service network and database is established

Objective 2

ACAMIS focuses on its professional development operation as the key to the future development of the organization.
    • Link ACAMIS schools to professional development opportunities
    • Provide support for professional development opportunities initiated by member schools or groups
    • Develop collaborative partnerships with other organizations (e.g., EARCOS, FOBISSEA, IB, NCCT. CIS, WASC, NEASC)
Key Performance Indicators
    • A broad range of quality professional development opportunities will be promoted
    • Annually monitor and review the professional development opportunities provided to members.
    • Establish a 2 year calendar  of professional development opportunities
    • Assessment is provided that indicates that professional development support was effective
Targets 2010-2012
    • A coordinated 2 year professional development calendar is established on the ACAMIS website and communicated to member schools.
    • Annually review the target groups for the ACAMIS conference.
    • Identify ACAMIS professional development events that are revenue generating
    • Complete the guidelines for the PD grant process.
    • Request member schools to identify a PD contact person.
    • Conduct an audit of IB workshops and collaborate with IBAP regarding IB workshops in ACAMIS region.
    • The ACAMIS Executive Office conducts regular evaluations of the professional development program to inform planning.