2014 ACAMIS Spring Conference

Shanghai Community International School Pudong Campus
14 and 15 March 2014

"Providing Opportunites that are Just Right" challenges educators to rethink how success and achievement are viewed in school environments.

William Lishman
Justin Bedard
The 2014 ACAMIS conference theme, “Providing opportunities that are just right,” challenges educators to rethink how success and achievement are viewed in school environments.

Leading off with the first keynote presentation is William (Bill) Lishman, a world-renowned inventor and artist. His works include award-winning documentary films and numerous works of public art. His best selling autobiography inspired the Columbia Pictures hit film Fly Away Home, as well as the Jaques Perrin feature film The Winged Migration. Bill was a pioneer in ultralight aviation and initiated the use of ultralight aircraft in establishing new migration routes for precocial birds. A high school dropout himself, Bill continues to challenge educators to embrace the unique qualities of all learners.

On the second day, Justin Bedard will talk of his personal story of growing up in international schools, working at an international school as an educator, and now engaging with 100’s of different international schools globally through his work with JUMP! The focus of Justin’s talk will be on providing context for the powerful tools of compassion, community, and inter-connection in the International School context. Weaved into Justin’s address will be interactive and experiential activities facilitated by students attending international schools in Shanghai.
Of course, the ACAMIS conference will contain the usual strands appropriate for a wide-range of audiences:

  • Heads and Aspiring Heads: In addition to workshops with Bill Lishman and Justin Bedard, heads and aspiring heads will have an open forum discussion on innovated and creative initiatives with two successful ACAMIS leaders- Laurie McLellan and Tarek Razik. Executive trainer Chris Barclay will deliver a program on positive coaching strategies to use with teachers, and Louie Cheng, founder of PureLiving, will lead a panel discussion an the impact of air quality in our schools. Heads will also have an opportunity to learn about the latest statistics in international education growth with Richard Gaskell.
  • Business Managers: The first day of the conference features a focus on air quality management with Louie Cheng, the founder of PureLiving, followed by an operational safety management presentation with Young Cai, head of safety services at Bureau Veritas. On Saturday, lawyer Jeremy Wilson will lead a discussion on labour and employment laws in the ACAMIS region. This will be followed by expert presentations on playground design and uniform design.
  • Librarians: Workshop leader Dr. Ross Todd is associate professor in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. He is Director of the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries at Rutgers University.  He will focus on the transformative role of school libraries in 21st century schools, their integral role in the learning fabric of schools, and their role in ongoing school improvement and reform.
  • Counselors: Workshop leader Dr. Cho is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of New York and the CEO of The Tree Group, based in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from the University of Utah and received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York. His presentation will focus on Korean international students and their families, including current issues and typical trajectory of psychological difficulties. He will also lead a workshop on child protection laws and regulations in Asia.
  • Athletic Directors:The first workshop, given by doctors from the Institute of Western Surgery, will focus on youth sports medicine, concussion treatment, and sports injury prevention. Then, Jill Burns, a dietitian and fitness expert best known for her role on the TV show “The Biggest Loser” will provide a session on the importance of nutrition for young athletes. Athletic directors will also have their annual general meeting.
  • ACE: Through words and imagery, keynote speaker and inventorWilliam Lishmanwill outline the creative process as it happens from concept to fruition. This is followed by a presentation from two-time Oscar award winning filmmaker Hammond Peek, who will discuss his journey through filmmaking. ACE members will also have their annual general meeting.
  • ECE: Daniel Eschtruth will lead the first-ever strand with ECE professionals, focused on ECE professional development and preparing for future ECE specific conferences.
  • “Cross-Over Strands:” Sticking with the theme of the conference, two optional “cross-over” strands are provided for those trying to find the right fit and are open for anyone to attend. School director and former counselor Scott D'Alterio will discuss creating what he calls “brain based international schools,” while Keynote speaker and experiential education expert Justin Bedard will present on global issues education.