Getting Started with LiveLink

Welcome to the new ACAMIS LiveLink network for members.

ACAMIS LiveLink is a social network aimed at connecting teachers through an online community available at LiveLink provides fundamental social networking functionalities such as video and picture support, private messaging support, user profiles, groups creation, third party applications support and enhanced privacy.

Change your password
Find the Login Form on the front-end of the site, click "Forgot your Password?" and you will be prompted to enter your email address. A confirmation code will be emailed to you so you can enter a new password.
  1. General Assistance and How To's
  2. Updating your profile
  3. Connecting with Colleagues
  4. Private Messaging
  5. Groups
  6. Photos
  7. Using Applications

New User Notice

All LiveLink network members are required to maintain up-to-date and current user profiles within this network.  All network users are required to upload an official passport type photograph. 

By using this network you agree to the website Terms and Conditions.

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