I. Address

The business address of ACAMIS shall be the address of one of its Hong Kong schools.

II. Meetings

An annual meeting of ACAMIS shall be held one time each year. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Board of Directors provided they give Member schools fifteen (15) days notice in writing. All meetings shall be conducted according to the Robert’s Rules of Order. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the Board of Directors may approve electronic voting.

III. Quorum

  • a. A quorum for the Board of Directors will consist of five of the Directors
  • b. At ACAMIS meetings business will be conducted by a simple majority of members present and voting. Each member school shall have one vote, which shall be delivered by the Head of School or their designated representative. No individual can cast more than one vote.

IV. Dues

Dues and other fees are set by the Board of Directors and reviewed at the annual meeting provided a simple majority of member schools are present.

Schools are admitted for membership to ACAMIS in one of two levels.

  • COMPREHENSIVE MEMBERSHIP: for schools who wish to participate in all ACAMIS offerings – student activities and professional development events.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MEMBERSHIP: for schools who wish to participate in professional development events only.

Once admitted for membership in ACAMIS, schools may move from one level to another by notifying the Executive Director by March 1 of the academic year prior to the year in which the level change is to take effect. Dues and other fees for each level are set by the Board of Directors and announced at the Annual General Meeting.

ACAMIS Membership Standards

The following general standards are designed to guide the Executive Board and the ACAMIS general membership in regard to membership decisions. While striving to be an inclusive organization, ACAMIS believes that membership should be extended to those schools it can best serve and that, in return, can contribute to the ACAMIS community.

1. The entire school shall demonstrate a commitment to an international program of high quality delivered in the English language, supported by ongoing improvement efforts. International Schools are defined as preschools, elementary schools and secondary schools of international character located in China, HK SAR, Macau SAR, Province of Taiwan and Mongolia which offer an educational program in English as the primary language of instruction and which are governed by their own school boards or other competent authorities.

2. The school's mission, program, and system of operation shall be in keeping with appropriate respect for diversity, and pluralism in international education. Member schools should be mindful of the need to respect host country regulations, languages, cultures and traditions. ACAMIS cannot condone any actions by its member schools that jeopardize its relationship with the government of the host country.

3. ACAMIS requires member schools to be committed to a formal process of independent external evaluation of educational provision, governance, management and infrastructural operation. Such processes must be regularly applied, and should inform and support school improvement. For example, ACAMIS recognizes as a minimum standard for membership:

US and International Curriculum Schools: examples include, CIS, WASC, NEASC, Middle States Association Accreditation, or a joint accreditation with NCCT (or candidate status for accreditation, with full accreditation required within five years)

Canadian Curriculum Schools who are inspected or accredited by an official provincial body: examples include, but are not limited to, Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta.

Australian Curriculum Schools: examples include, New South Wales Board of Studies.

British Curriculum Schools: initial OFSTED report, and commitment to an ongoing OFSTED inspection process which includes one OFSTED Team Visit per five years

The ACAMIS Board may consider applications from schools which can demonstrate commitment to a process of independent qualified external evaluation not indicated above.

4. The School shall be governed by its own school board or other competent authorities who in turn shall appoint and authorize an appropriately qualified School Director/Head/Superintendent to serve as the school's CEO.

5. The School shall provide and maintain facilities, a certified faculty, and resources that meet applicable safety, health, and educational regulations.

6. Schools applying for membership shall agree to host, at their school's expense, a visit of a sitting school head of a member school or the ACAMIS Executive Officer, to be selected by the President. Upon the conclusion of the visit, the visiting head shall report to the Executive Board on the degree to which the candidate school meets standards 1-5 above. The report shall include the visiting head's non-binding recommendation to the Executive Board as to a yes or no vote for membership.

7. Attendance at the AGM is an expectation of membership. Non-representation for two consecutive years will lead to suspension of the school's membership.

8. Payment of ACAMIS Membership fees is due by October 1st. The Board reserves the right to withdraw membership of a school that fails to pay its dues by October 1st.

Provisional Membership

A school which meets all the ACAMIS Membership Standards above with the exception of paragraph 3, but which is committed to putting in place a formal process of independent external evaluation may be admitted into Provisional Membership at the discretion of the Board. Provisional Membership will only be granted on the basis of the presentation of a scheduled plan for the realisation of an evaluation which meets the standards of paragraph 3.


Provisional Membership will normally last for up to one year, and in any case for not more than three years, with the requirement that the school adheres to its schedule for meeting full membership criteria. Any variation to this schedule must be communicated to the President of the Board with specific reasons given for the change.

The Board reserves the right to rescind Provisional Membership at any time should there be sufficient reason to doubt that a school is able to meet its commitment under paragraph 3.

Schools with Provisional Membership must pay the same fee as a Full Member. Where a school is granted Provisional Membership during the academic year, the membership fee will be on a pro rata basis.

Heads or representatives of Provisional Member Schools do not have right to vote or hold office. Provisional Member Schools may not use the ACAMIS logo in promotional materials or for commercial purposes.

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