Date: Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time: 8:30 - 4:30

Venue: Nanjing International School

What will the workshop address?

This one-day workshop will involve participants in an interactive session that provides accreditation updates within the context of China and addresses the following areas:

  • The international and Chinese accreditation protocols, processes and Team Visit options that provide for multiple awards of accreditation from various associations:


  • A brief examination of all aspects of the accreditation process as an ongoing school improvement process from the initial application, the assessment of the school’s student program and its impact on students through the Self-Study, the Visit by fellow international educators and the ongoing refinement of the schoolwide action plan in response to accreditation recommendations.

  • CIS and NEASC will only present information sessions to introduce the new CIS International Accreditation 2016 protocol, and the new NEASC ACE protocol developed by the NEASC Commission on International Education. (See Note Below)

  • A Focus on Learning visiting committee member training session with an emphasis upon becoming eligible to serve on a WASC and NCCT Visiting Committee, specifically including the following:
    • gaining a sense of what constitutes an 'effective' visit, i.e. asking quality questions, responding appropriately to sensitive or controversial issues or events, conducting classroom visits in a constructive way and establishing positive relationships between the Team and the school using the Focus on Learning protocol, both the 2014 and the 2017 editions.
    • gaining practice in analyzing a Self-Study to obtain key information
    • becoming familiar with the Visiting Committee Report format and gain experience in writing report sections
    • gaining experience working in teams and reaching consensus
    • developing the ability to discriminate between major/minor issues in order to identify major commendations and recommendations
    • understanding the accreditation status options and the process to reach consensus on the status recommendation.
  • CIS and NEASC will conduct information sessions to introduce the new CIS International Accreditation 2016 protocol, and the new NEASC ACE protocol developed by the NEASC Commission on International Education.
    • Overviews of the new protocols developed by CIS and NEASC
    • Question and answer session addressing how the new protocols will be utilized by the schools jointly accredited, and how future training will be provided. This includes CIS/WASC or NCCT/CIS/WASC and CIS/NEASC or NCCT/CIS/NEASC.

Please note that this session is not training for potential team visitors for CIS or NEASC. The session aims to be informational.

Who should attend?

  • Heads and representatives from schools interested in learning about joint accreditation of NCCT and one or more of the international accreditation agencies
  • All interested educators who have never served on an accreditation team or have served previously but are eager to learn more about serving on an international accreditation team that represents one or more agencies, including NCCT.
  • All interested educators who want to learn more about the new accreditation protocols from CIS and NEASC.

How do I register? Is there a cost?

For details on this workshop, please contact The ACAMIS Executive Officer will process the invoice and forward it to you. The cost of the workshop per person to cover the lunch and refreshments is US $50 per person.

Is there a limit per school?

The workshop will be capped at 40 participants. The initial suggested number per school or organization would be 3 to provide an opportunity for as many schools to send participants. However, as the enrollment is monitored, more can be added from a school or organization.

NOTE: The Chinese accreditation process is modeled on international best practice and was developed through collaboration with the Council of International Schools (CIS), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). As such, the award of Chinese accreditation recognizes that a school is one of quality and committed to ongoing improvement within the China context.

Since many international schools are, or seek to be internationally accredited, a partnership known as the ‘Four Parties Agreement’ with NCCT and three international accreditation associations/agencies was formalized in 2003. These are CIS, NEASC and WASC. This partnership seeks to streamline the accreditation process for schools seeking both international and Chinese accreditations. This partnership collaborates with ACAMIS to promote institutional development of its members through peer review.


Mr. Zhang Guohua, Deputy Director, NCCT

Dr. Zhang Shanshan, Director Accreditation Services, NCCT

Dr. Zhao Lixia, NCCT

Mrs Christine Green, School Support & Evaluation Officer, CIS

Dr. William Parker, School Support & Evaluation Officer, CIS

Mr. Jeffrey Bradley, Deputy Director, NEASC

Dr. Marilyn George, Associate Executive Director, WASC

Mrs. Barbara Parker, WASC Consultant

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