ACAMIS Board Meetings and AGM Minutes

Board meetings are held three times a year. For efficiency and to reduce travel expenses, meetings are held in conjunction with other events:

March - Held alongside the ACAMIS Spring Conference

May - Rotates based on needs and convenience (e.g. near candidate schools requiring a site visit, at a proposed host school for an upcoming conference, or at a Board member's school)

October/November - Held alongside the EARCOS Conference (given that several Board members also attend this as EARCOS members, saving ACAMIS on travel costs)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the ACAMIS Spring Conference. In addition to limiting travel costs, this is also to encourage all school heads to attend.

Attendance at the ACAMIS AGM by the school Head or a designated representative is a requirement of membership. Non-representation at ACAMIS AGMs for two consecutive years may lead to suspension of the school's membership.

The minutes from each meeting are approved at the following meeting. Once the minutes have been approved, they will be posted on the website.

Meeting Minutes by School Years