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Sponsorship Packages

Please note last year's sponsors are given priority to renew. After the renewal period ends unfilled places will be opened up to new sponsors. Please see details under the Sponsorship packages tab.​​​
*Each sponsor "space" is expected to be 180 cm wide (the table size is expected to be 120 cm wide).  We will confirm precise dimensions to sponsors in due course*

Optional Extras

$600 USD each that includes one table and two representatives, and subject to availability​​​​​​​​​​​​​
$150 USD for each representative​​ (does not include a table)​​​​​​

If purchasing the Guidebook Banner Ad - please forward banner ad image to eo@acamis.org or attach it below.

Banner Ad Dimensions:  600 px (horizontal) by 110 px (vertical) 

Max file size: 10 MB

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Hotel Accommodation/Bus Transport

Please note you need to make your and/or your colleague(s) hotel reservation. The hotel option you provided here is for transportation arrangement for the three hotels below during the conference days.​​​​

Sponsor Logos and Guidebook App Logos

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Sponsorship Terms

Logo Display and Usage Period: November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2019

Package Inclusions - as listed on ACAMIS website

Use of ACAMIS Logo by Sponsoring Company

1. ACAMIS Logo is to be used on your company website only
2. ACAMIS logo is to be displayed as a Sponsor of ACAMIS
3. ACAMIS logo is not to be used to endorse a company, products or services

Sponsoring Company - Logo Display

1. Your company logo including a link to your website will be displayed on the ACAMIS website.

2. Your company name, logo, bio and website URL will be displayed in the Guidebook app

Logo display and usage is only allowed during the period stated.  A full 12 months’ display/usage may not be achieved depending on when logos are provided.  No compensation for a shorter display/usage period will be provided.

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