Benefits of Membership

ACAMIS is a unique membership organization, founded by members and governed by members with the benefits designed at the suggestion of members to assist with their needs.

  • ACAMIS offers a range of Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) activities designed to provide an extra dimension of growth and experience
  • Fourteen post-season sports based on a philosophy of personal growth, friendship, and different experiences are offered to stretch students beyond their self-perceived limits
  • Cost effective professional development through events that rotate annually from north, central and south, further reducing travel costs
  • Five Annual Conferences on topics of most interest to our schools include: Spring Leadership Conference; the major Chinese Conference in Asia; Early Childhood Education; English Language Learners; and Technology that works in China
  • ACAMIS Conference Planning Committees consisting of nominated teachers in ACAMIS who design the content for the five conferences.
  • Ten to twelve annual Workshops for Specialist and Supporting Staff conducted for ACAMIS by PD Academia
  • PD Links, an ACAMIS webpage containing universities and other organizations that offer a range of professional development for the individual teacher such as credential renewal, credential building, advanced degrees, summer programs, all in one location for one-stop PD shopping and is updated and distributed three times annually
  • A diverse membership with many types of schools, but with a common purpose of serving an international community with an international education
  • Professional networking and sharing
  • ACAMIS newsletter distributed to members in September, February, and May
  • An ACAMIS logo and Membership Certificate to inform your community of professional organization membership.

Obligations of Membership

Members in good standing will:

  • Complete the annual Excel Database for your key school positions by mid-September
  • Submit the annual membership payment by October 1
  • Designate an Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) representative (volunteer) to coordinate information about student activities
  • Designate a Professional Development representative (volunteer)
  • At the end of the school year, inform ACAMIS if you, as Head of School, will be leaving and who the new Head will be
  • Plan for the Head, Athletics Director and Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) representatives to attend the annual Spring Leadership Conference
  • Meet our legal requirement as a membership organization that the Head or a designated representative attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Spring Leadership Conference
  • Make your staff aware of the Five annual ACAMIS Conferences designed to meet needs of students
  • Encourage and support teachers to serve on ACAMIS Planning Committees as the opportunity arises
  • Participate in hosting events when possible
  • Ask their IT Manager to ensure emails from ACAMIS do not get caught in Spam filters. ACAMIS sends from the following email addresses:
  • Make payment for ACAMIS invoices via US dollar international wire transfer. To reduce paperwork and process only one wire transfer payment, we strongly recommend that the school appoint a PD Coordinator to make all online registrations for a conference or workshop to enable receipt of a single invoice and avoid time-consuming individual wire transfer payments. We hope to offer an online credit card payment option in the 2019/20 school year.
  • Inform staff of the PD application/payment process periodically.

Membership Levels