Going Through Quarantine Upon Entering China and Hong Kong
to guide you through the unknowns of quarantine life

Teachers and Families, Welcome Back!  Or if you are a new arrival, Welcome to China! After waiting such a long time to return, you are probably ready to endure anything to settle into your life in your international school. Nonetheless, seeing so many people in HAZMAT coverings and PPE at your arrival airport can be daunting, especially for children in your family. There will be time-consuming unknown procedures to go through for up to five hours upon arrival, just after a long flight when all you want to do is go to bed. To provide you with information that will help you to anticipate and prepare somewhat for the quarantine period, two of our Heads of School and Michael Iannini from PDAcademia who were also waiting a long time to return or enter, have volunteered to record their experiences so you might be a bit more comfortable until you clear quarantine.  What might seem as a waste of two or three weeks is not only to protect you from getting the coronavirus, but to prevent the virus from re-entering China. Later, when you get settled in and move around with confidence that you are safe, you will come to appreciate the incredible efforts China has undertaken to protect her people. We hope you have a safe flight, have an interesting quarantine adventure and a warm welcome for your induction or return to your international school. Oh, and be prudent with what you post on social media about your first impressions.


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