Updated on March 15, 2021.

 2021 English Language Learners (ELL) Conference - Registration is now available!

Registration is now available for ACAMIS English Language Learners (ELL) Conference!

The conference focuses on the ideology and implications of all teachers being language teachers in multilingual settings. We are collaborating with our friends at WIDA so we can bring you their latest research and both of our best pedagogy.  We will be exploring how to overcome some of the barriers that face ELLs and how to build capacity which enables all students to feel included and empowered in order to ensure successful access to the curriculum.

Safety for our conference participants is our greatest concern. We already have a green light to proceed with the public gathering and by the end of April, conditions will be even better as most school staff will have received vaccinations.

We are all in need of interaction with our peers - and we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai in April so please share this message with your colleagues in your school or with your peers in other schools who may be interested in attending the conference.

Click here for details about the ACAMIS ELL Conference