Updated on January 15, 2020.


Important Update to 2021 Spring Leadership Conference Now Moved to Friday and Saturday, April 16-17, 2021.

With the Chinese New Year Holiday approaching, we have consulted with authorities in Beijing and our host school to check conditions and directives with regard to their influence on our Spring Leadership Conference at Keystone Academy scheduled for March 5-6. To ensure the best possible health and safety conditions for ACAMIS events, we continually monitor COVID conditions. Based on their feedback about several new outbreaks in the Beijing region, we have concluded that it is prudent to move the conference to Friday and Saturday, April 16-17, 2021.

Although schools in the Beijing region reopened, mostly for secondary students, other students remain engaged in online learning and millions of residents are being tested. In addition comes the increased awareness that on nearly every flight into China from abroad, despite the testing requirements before boarding, there have been numbers of asymptomatic cases that have evolved during quarantine. Along with these is the discovery of several mutations of COVID, at least one of which is more virulent than COVID-19. While this is being downplayed, health authorities will be vigorously and carefully monitoring, performing wide-spread testing, tracking and potentially tightening other types of restrictions until several weeks after Chinese New Year.

As health and safety is our greatest concern, the additional six weeks will allow sufficient time to contain any outbreaks from Chinese New Year and to vaccinate most staff in most schools. In choosing the alternate date of April 16-17, we have reviewed with our host school every week through June and found this to be the optimal weekend as it avoids Spring holidays, most external examinations as well as graduation ceremonies that begin already at the end of May. An extra bonus is that we will also be three weeks into spring with warmer weather on the way. Malcolm McKenzie and his team at Keystone Academy continue to show extraordinary flexibility and ongoing support for this conference. From this exercise we are once again reminded just how active our schools are.  We are all looking forward to a great event that includes our first Women in Leadership session, two great keynotes and our 20th Anniversary celebration.

We are revising the conference program somewhat to allow for more interaction and discussion on recent relevant issues and the details will appear in a few weeks, after we are able to reconfirm the peer and other presenters.

If your school has already registered staff to attend this conference, the person who made the online registration will have received an email to confirm understanding of the date change and to let us know if they need any registration change.  Please contact Gary Henderson at ea@acamis.org for any queries.

If your school has not yet registered for the conference, we have extended the early registration discount for member schools to February 5, 2021. You can register now at:  https://www.acamis.org/professional-development/spring-conference.

This conference is designed for Heads, aspiring leaders, middle management, business managers with differing roles, Sports Heads/Coordinators, Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) and student activity coordinators; and university placement counselors. We hope staff in these roles will attend. After a year of no personal interactions, we look forward to seeing you at Keystone Academy in Beijing on April 16-17 and to having some productive and fun interactions!

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