Updated on February 5, 2020, written by Tom Ulmet.

This is a routine reminder after the Chinese New Year Holiday and the school closings, the deadline for submission has been extended from February 14 to February 23, 2020. Projects do not need to be started or completed. A description of the planned project is sufficient. Bear in mind that some CAS projects that fit the criteria may be suitable for submission.

Koerschen Award and Service Learning Grants were created by ACAMIS Board of Directors to support student efforts in community service. A total of US$10,000 is available each year for Service Learning Awards, with individual grants, dependent on content, up to the top award of $2500. The Koerschen Award was created to honor Dr Jim Koerschen, the first ACAMIS Executive Director, and develop awareness of his desire to reach out and help the needy in our surrounding communities while learning from the creativity, organization and volunteer effort involved. Projects not selected for the Koerschen Award may then be automatically considered for a Service Learning Grant. 

The deadline for applying for Koerschen and Service Awards is now extended to February 23, 2020. This might be an ideal way to earn financial support for a student CAS or community service project that your students have in mind.  The Awards are meant for intended projects so a project does not have to be completed, just describe the concept according to the guidelines.  Please pass the information along to your CAS or community service coordinators.

Examples of past Koerschen Awards are available here.  The Koerschen Award for Innovation in Schools is a higher level project that involves creating a system for sustainable development that can be ongoing into the future. This award has a value of $2500.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Please submit the preliminary form found when you click below that indicates your school is planning to submit a proposal. We plan to inform member schools of the selected projects by March 7 as usual.

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The Jim Koerschen Award for Innovation in Schools

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