2020 Koerschen Award recipient to NIS Student Team.  They created an electronic product that will help children with autistic spectrum disorder.

To encourage student participation in service to school and community, the ACAMIS Board of Directors established a grant fund to support student initiatives. Each year one Koerschen Grant and multiple Service Learning Grants are awarded to selected applicants.

Help your students earn valuable funding for innovative or service awards within your school and community. It is easy to apply. Up to US$2,500 per project is available annually to a total of US$10,000. Projects can be built around CAS ideas that also fit our award criteria. Take a moment now and check out the details and successful projects from past years. Pass this opportunity on to the appropriate people who work with student community service! Be sure to complete the preliminary application so we know who plans to apply.


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The Jim Koerschen Award for Innovation in Schools

Service Learning Grants

Deadline for both application submissions - February 14, 2021