Updated on May 4, 2020, written by Tom Ulmet.

Spring Leadership Conference Cancelled, 2021 Conference Announced

We were so hopeful that we could gather for the rescheduled Spring Leadership Conference at Keystone Academy in Beijing on May 30-31 to share, learn and celebrate getting through this phase of our ongoing ordeal and brainstorm about what is coming, but with quarantines in place and restrictions on public gatherings, this is not possible. As some of criteria for proceeding are not met, the host school, the Board, and I have taken the decision to cancel the Spring Leadership Conference this year. 

 With the strong assistance, flexibility and encouragement of Malcolm McKenzie, Head of Keystone Academy, May 30-31 not only fits their schedule, but also that of our two great keynote speakers, STEDMAN GRAHAM and ROSALIND WISEMAN, who were able to rearrange their calendars and are excited about joining us.  In view of all the uncertainty we are going through, we have added another dimension to the conference that we all may need by that time, a celebration of the end of a trying school year for everyone!

Planning will begin as soon as possible for March 5-6, 2021 at Keystone Academy as many of the fundamental logistics are in place. We are hopeful of having the two great keynote speakers, Stedman Graham and Rosalind Wiseman with us as well. It is important that you know of the tremendous support of Malcolm McKenzie, the Head of our host school, Keystone Academy in Beijing, and his conference planning team who have been most creative, flexible and adaptable in working with us to try to hold this conference. We are extremely grateful to Malcolm for his wisdom and generosity and are delighted that Keystone Academy will be the host in 2021. We look forward to celebrating our 20th Anniversary next year. We also need to thank Howard Stribbell, Director of International Education at Canadian International School of Guangzhou, for his flexibility and willingness to shift his hosting dates from 2021 to 2022. Thus our confirmed hosts for 2021 is Keystone Academy and for 2022 Canadian International School of Guangzhou.

Registration Refunds
Thank you to the approximately 150 people who reconfirmed their registrations when the conference was rescheduled. We have granted refunds to those who requested one and will continue to do so. Email notification concerning this update and registration refund arrangement will soon be sent to registrants and registered attendees.

Thank you again for your support! Stay safe and be well!