Provided by Tom Ulmet on February 4, 2020.

If you are now in China, welcome back from New Year Holidays. In the midst of the early stages of the Corona virus, with school closing in most provinces/regions until February 17 and in some, already extended through March 2, closings should be viewed as a dramatic, but positive step to contain the spread of the virus. But it also leaves many wondering how to get the most of the shortened school year through online study.

Many of you are already putting online study into place. Some of you have extensive practice and systems in place, but smaller or newer schools may be trying to find a way to get this started. Two of our sponsors have stepped up to see if they can be of assistance in starting online study. Kindly take a look and see if these might be helpful to you in a time of need.

Just want you to know we are thinking of you,
Tom and Angie


1.  Education Perfect are making their platform available to all ACAMIS member schools at no cost for the remainder of this school year.

Concerns with the growing impact of Coronavirus have prompted Education Perfect (EP) to extend a very generous offer to ACAMIS member schools.

School closures and disruptions are presenting a major challenge at present and EP provides a practical way to extend student learning through this period.   

How can EP help our teachers?

Teachers can access a rich library of thousands of curriculum-aligned lessons across multiple subject areas. They are able to curate and modify content to best suit the needs of their students. The platform collects detailed insights into student learning which in turn, informs teaching practice. Teachers can set tasks and assessments for students remotely. 

How can EP help our staff?

Used by over 1M students, the program allows students to work through self-paced lessons in their own time. Students are coached through concepts, with immediate feedback on questions making it ideal for learning, revision, consolidation, and extension.

How do you activate access for your school?

You can apply for complimentary access to EP here.

EP have a large team of teachers who work directly with schools to support them using the program. This support will be made available at no cost for all ACAMIS member schools. 

Should you have any questions regarding access, please don't hesitate to reach out to Tim Vaughan, Head of EP Community, on the details below. 

Tim Vaughan (Singapore based)
Head of Community 
M: +65 8160 4143 
WhatsApp: +64 21 116 9275


2.  VHS Learning

Schools can partner with VHS Learning to provide online learning opportunities for their students. Parents and students can also register for a VHS Learning course individually. Parents and students should check with their school to confirm credit will be accepted prior to registering.

VHS is a nonprofit leader providing world-class online programs and over 200 unique online courses to students and schools everywhere.

Xuan You
Director of Global Programs and Services
VHS Learning
4 Mill and Main Place Suite 510
Maynard, MA 01754