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ACAMIS 7th Annual Leadership Conference

Leading Change: From Vision to Implementation

Date: September 7-9, 2017, Thursday to Saturday

Location: Suzhou Singapore International School

Our Goal: For participants to leave the ACAMIS’s Leadership Conference with the knowledge and confidence to identify and apply appropriate tools which will optimize success when leading their school and/or teams through change initiatives.

Our Ideal Audience: Participants will be divided into four cohorts, these are: 1) Early Years / Primary School Leadership, 2) Secondary School Leadership, 3) Pastoral Leadership and 4) Non-Academic Leadership. Participants in each cohort will be further grouped corresponding to a change initiative that they are either involved in or preparing for, so that they can immediately activate the learning from each workshop.

Welcome to ACAMIS's Leadership Conference!

The ACAMIS annual Leadership Conference helps both academic and non-academic leaders develop their leadership skills for unique obstacles they’ll face in the upcoming school year. This year’s conference is focused specifically on building capacity in leaders across the school to prepare for and manage change successfully.

Led by Chris Jansen, Jon Lavelle, Jennifer Swinehart and Richard Bruford — leadership experts with a proven record for helping international schools navigate change — the instruction provided will leave you with tools and strategies to:

  • Extend your thinking about the nature of complex human and organisational behaviour;
  • Design your own process of inquiry into assessing and effecting change in your school;
  • Identify barriers to change and develop plans to mitigate them;
  • Navigate difficult conversations associated with change;
  • Grow your leadership capability to foster engagement and lead cultural change across your organisation;
  • Determine the appropriate strategies and corresponding behaviours to address community concerns regarding change; and
  • Develop and execute a communications plan to support change.

This conference has been designed to meet the needs of all leaders that have recently experienced, are currently involved in or are contemplating a change intiative at their school. Differentiation and Inquiry-based Learning techniques will be used to ensure:

  • Participants are grouped according to similar interests;
  • Facilitators are prepared to support participants' unique professional inquiry;
  • Participants arrive with a common understanding of the content; and
  • Participants can continue to connect and support each other after the conference.

The first day, September 7, will be reserved for a limited number of participants that are specifically looking to build and hone their ability to navigate difficult conversations related to change. Priority will go to participants registered for all three days.

The nuts and bolts of Change Management will be facilitated during September 8-9. During these two days participants will delve deeply into the strategic and process driven side of Change Management. Participants will be grouped into one of four cohorts during these two days: Primary, Secondary, Pastoral or Non-Academic. Cohorts will be limited to 50 people and facilitated by:

Day 1: Navigating Difficult Conversation

The essential question is: How can I develop and enhance key communication skills associated with difficult conversations related to change?

Jon Lavelle will be our lead facilitator, supported by four other seasoned professionals, who will assist smaller teams in several breakout groups throughout the day. The format will be a mixture of whole group informative sessions, break-out groups to work on real-life current issues in a confidential setting, action planning individual feedback, whole group feedback and question/answer sessions.

Day 2 & 3: Leading Change

Each day of the conference will kick-off with the introduction of a specific theme and keynote address, after which, participants will separate into their cohorts. Learning will be activated through three different mediums:

1. Presentation: Change Management, as a process, will be introduced in four presentations. Each will identify key milestones and tools for each stage. Participants will experience how the tools introduced in the presentation can be applied to change initiatives that every educator will encounter at some point in their career.

2. Case Analysis: Facilitator-led case analysis will give participants an opportunity to apply the tools introduced during the presentation to specific cases relevant to their cohort. Discussion activities will provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other, as well as identify obstacles that will impact or influence the effectiveness of tools.

3. Coaching: Participants will identify in advance of the conference change initiatives that they are preparing for, currently engaged in and/or have recently completed. This will enable facilitators to support participants to understand how to apply lessons and tools to their specific challenges.

ACAMIS 7th Annual Leadership Conference Thursday, September 7, 2017 - Saturday, September 9, 2017
For more information contact: Michael Iannini
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Event Details
When: Thursday, September 7, 2017 to Saturday, September 9, 2017
Where: Suzhou Singapore International School
Who: Hosted by: Michael Iannini
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ACAMIS Member Schools

Early Bird Registration before June 30

Pre-Conference (Thursday, September 7): USD 250

Conference (Friday and Saturday, September 8-9): USD 350

Registration after June 30

Pre-Conference (Thursday, September 7): USD 300

Conference (Friday and Saturday, September 8-9): USD 400

Non-Member Schools

Pre-Conference (Thursday, September 7): USD 350

Conference (Friday and Saturday, September 8-9): USD 450

Tea breaks and lunch are included for both days.

Please email michael(at) for more details.


Suzhou Singapore International School

Address: 208 Zhong Nan Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China 215021



The host school has recommended the following hotel:

Genway International Hotel

36 Si'an Street (Si'an Jie), Suzhou Industrial Park


Contact Person: Mr. Benny zhou, Sales Manager
Tel: +86-512-6296 6666

Room Rate: RMB550 including two breakfasts per twin/single per night

Note: Please reference the conference for this special rate when making reservation.


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