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Using Data to Improve Student Learning

Suzhou Singapore International School

November 13-14, 2017

Intended audience: administrators, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, department heads, teacher leaders, counselors, school psychologists


- Develop data literacy

- Learn tools, skills and strategies for fostering a culture of collaborative inquiry with regard to student learning data

- Develop strategies for tackling obstacles to using data in your context

- Apply learning to data from your school context

- Develop an action plan for next steps in using data to improve student learning within your sphere of influence


Schools are often regarded as “data rich and information poor,” and in international schools this phenomenon can be even more pronounced. In this workshop, you will learn skills and strategies to collect and make sense of data in order to improve student learning. You will apply your learning to data from your own school, and develop and plan for how you might move forward with using data to develop a culture of collaborative inquiry and improve learning within your sphere of influence.

Presenter profile:

Cindy Warner-Dobrowski is Director of Student Services at International School Bangkok, where she oversees the Learning Support, English as an Additional Language, Counseling and Challenge and Enrichment programs. A school psychologist by training, Cindy is passionate about collecting and analyzing data to understand student learning needs, and developing plans to ensure that these needs are met at an individual student and systems level. At ISB, Cindy supports whole school data analysis, the development of data literacy and the use of data to understand and improve student learning at the team and whole-school levels through the use of Data Driven Dialogues.

Participant preparation:

Participants should bring data from their school that they would like to explore further. This might be results from an assessment (e.g. MAP, ISA, IB, internal common assessment), survey data, enrollment data, etc.


Day 1:

TimeTopicGuiding Question
8:00-10:00IntroductionWhat do we mean by "data", and how can they be used

to improve learning?

10:15-12:15Selecting data, data literacyWhich data should we use?

What are the implications of the properties and

limitations of our assessment tools?


Collecting, organizing and

displaying data

How can we facilitate the collection and organization of student learning data to maximize its usefulness?

How can we create effective data displays?


Reflect, synthesize,


What are you taking away

from today and how might it be applied?

Day 2:

TimeTopicGuiding Questions
8:00-10:00Cultural considerationsHow can we cultivate a culture of collaborative inquiry and data use?

How can we navigate some of the obstacles we

might encounter?

10:15-12:15Data Driven Dialogue: A

collaborative inquiry protocol

How can a Data Driven

Dialogue be used to facilitate a process of collaborative inquiry and

ultimately improve student learning?

1:00-3:00Making data-driven


How might we use data to

improve our decision-making about supporting learning?

3:15-4:15Opportunities for


How might you apply these

concepts, tools and strategies in your context?

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