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Inquiry through Project-Based Learning Workshop

Date: November 4-5, 2017, Saturday and Sunday

Time: 7:45 - 16:00, both days, inclusive of lunch and tea breaks

Location: Yew Chung International School of Beijing

Our Goal: For participants to understand the components of an effective inquiry in a project-based experience; and how to design and implement a project-based experience with students in the 2017-2018 school year. In addition, for site leaders to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to support them.

Our Ideal Audience: Middle Level teachers across several subjects and instructional coaches (curriculum coordinators, leads and supervisors)

Welcome to the Inquiry through Project-Based Learning Workshop

Inquiry based learning engages students, provides for deeper learning, and helps them engage in authentic learning outside of the school walls. The problem is, many of us aren’t equipped with a framework to do inquiry well. Project-Based Learning provides that framework.

This Inquiry through Project-Based Learning Workshop will provide participants with all the tools, understanding and skills to design and implement an inquiry rich cross- curricular project- based experience to deepens student learning.

In this highly interactive 2-day workshop participants will be led through an interactive exploration of highly successful and inquiry rich project- based experiences in order to better develop their own. By the end of the two days, participants will have framed appropriate inquiries, designed the appropriate in and out of school experiences, organized formative and summative assessment, and planned the entry event and exhibition for a project based experience to implement in the 2017-2018 school year!

Led by Kyle Wagner—a High Tech High trained PBL coach and one of China’s foremost leadership and innovation consultants for international schools—the instruction provided will leave you with tools and strategies to:

- Identify the components of successful Project-Based Experiences

- Design their own inquiry rich PBL experience which includes how to:

  • Frame and create an essential inquiry to guide the experience
  • Develop student inquiry through inquiry- based strategies
  • Design assessments to measure student learning and ensure growth in the project
  • Incorporate rigorous content and skills based off of school curriculum
  • Plan an exhibition of student learning
  • Establish experiential learning opportunities and milestones with the project

The mornings of Day One and Day Two will be a more deliberate approach to learning the essentials of project- based learning with guided activities to understand its components.

The afternoons of Day One and Day Two will consist of work time and critique for interdisciplinary groups to develop their own project- based experiences.

Speaker Biography:

Kyle Wagner is a Project- Based Learning and innovative learning consultant with the following areas of expertise:

  • Project-based Design and Implementation
  • Program Creation and Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Interdisciplinary Teaming and Development
  • Inquiry- Based Learning

Kyle is a visionary educator with over 13 years of experience in innovative learning environments and transformational school settings. His journey began 13 years ago at one of the premier project- based learning schools in the world, High Tech High, where he designed and implemented rigorous and relevant projects for middle school students. After completing his Masters in the Graduate program in teacher leadership, with a focus on student- centred classrooms, he made his big move abroad to China.

Since moving to China, Kyle has worked with leadership teams to plan and implement innovative programs to best align with strategic plans. He co- founded Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, which is a fully integrated cross- curricular project- based learning academy that connects students to their passions and the real world outside of school.

As a consultant, Kyle’s main focus is to help schools lead change and deepen student learning through innovative learning experiences and teaming structures.

Two Day Agenda:

Day 1:

Background and Initial Design for Inquiry Rich PBL experiences


Coffee and Pastries

Socialize and Connect


Welcome – “Most Likely to Suceed” video clips with guided discussion

Establishes the “Why” for inquiry- based PBL workshop and frames the

essential question: How do we design and implement inquiry rich PBL experiences

to deepen learning for our students?


Article Debrief in small groups

Establishing the essentials for PBL experiences.


Divide Groups (YCIS teachers continue PBL planning from previous day)


Gallery Walk

Participants complete gallery walk of sample projects and look for the essential components. Lead a discussion of projects that are “most impactful.” Leads into the design process delivered after break.



The 5- step simple process to design a PBL Experience


teachers continue planning)

Interactive presentation to demystify the project design process in 5

simple steps so that participants can work to design their own PBL experience

in the afternoon.


Framing the Inquiry and Essential questions in a PBL experience (YCIS Teachers back all together)

Participants learn the components of an effective driving question.

Practice creating driving question. Work together in interdisciplinary teams to

write the driving question and essential inquiries for their project.



Establishing the outcome and final product/ presentation for the PBL


POL vs. PBL video. Participants will learn about project “deliverables”

and design the “deliverables” for their own project- based experiences.



Assessment in a PBL experience

Participants learn the components of formative and summative assessments

in a PBL experience. Design assessments/ milestones for their own PBL



Reflect and Debrief

Participants identify their initial inquiries using red, yellow and

green dots to signify questions that have been answered; questions that were

partially answered, and burning questions they still have.

Day 2:

Further Development of PBL Experiences and Critique



Coffee and Pastries

Socialize and Connect


Assessment Work

Discussion on grading assessments in a PBL experience. Additional time

to work on assessment in small groups.


How to develop student based inquiry

Context for student- based inquiries through case study.


Inquiry Cycle and Strategies in PBL experience

Participants use guide to develop inquiry based experiences within their

Project- Based Experiences




Project Management

Introduction to project- management tools. Participants delegate tasks, roles

and responsibilities for management of their own PBL experience.


PBL presentation planning

Participants take 30 minutes to prepare a brief presentation of their project deliverables for another group to critique including:

o Driving Question

o Deliverables

o Assessment





Project Critiques

Participants learn the project critique protocol through a brief

fishbowl and then are divided into groups to critique each other’s




Participants reflect on actionable next steps in the project process and

update task list for the group in order to gain traction back at school sites.


Workshop Evaluation and Parting Words

Participants evaluate the workshop and learn about follow up coaching


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