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ACAMIS Customer Service Workshop

Facility Management: Understanding and Resolving Customer Requests

Canadian International School, Beijing

November 24-25, 2017

Our Goal: For participants to leave ACAMIS’s Facility Management Customer Service Workshop with the knowledge and confidence to identify and apply appropriate tools which will optimize customer services.

Our Ideal Audience: This workshop is designed as an introduction to how to handle customer requests and generate a positive Customer Service experience for all non-academic staff.

Welcome to ACAMIS's Customer Service Workshop!

ACAMIS’s Facility Management Workshops help non-academic staff develop their customer service skills for unique obstacles they’ll face working in a culturally diverse community. This year’s workshop is focused specifically on building capacity in non-academic staff across the school to resolve customer issues related to facilities and other ancillary services.

Led by Luca Mantovani - a Facility and Operation Management expert with a proven record for helping international schools design facility management processes and protocols — the instruction provided will leave you with tools and strategies to:

  • Navigate difficult conversations associated with delivering superior service;
  • Lead your own process of inquiry into understanding the customer’s needs;
  • Identify barriers and develop plans to mitigate them;
  • Assess and tailor responses for different reactions;
  • Determine the appropriate strategies and corresponding behaviours to address community concerns;
  • Develop and execute a communications plan for excellent customer service; and
  • Apply best practice techniques.

This Workshop has been designed to meet the needs of all staffs that have recently experienced, or are currently involved in daily customer services at their school. The nuts and bolts of Customer Service will be introduced during these two days and participants will delve deeply into Customer Service strategies that can be immediately applied to their school. The format will be a mixture of whole group informative sessions, break-out groups to work on real-life current issues, action planning individual feedback, whole group feedback and question/answer sessions.

Two Day Agenda

Friday, November 24Understanding the Customer
The essential questions are:

  • What does the Customer Want?
  • How can I understand what the customer is asking me?
  • How can I develop and enhance key communication skills within my team associated with difficult conversations related to customer service?



8:30 - 10:00

  • Introduction by Luca Mantovani, positioning of the day, objectives and personal goals from participants for the day
  • Personal perceptions of customer service - from your own perspective rather than from academic research
  • Importance of engaging "head, heart, and hands"
  • Core concepts for holding difficult conversations when the stakes are high or stakeholders are concerned about outcomes
  • •Table team discussions about critical, core or crucial conversations in which participants are currently engaged
  • Feedback and action planning




  • The human responses to Customer Service (Do’s & Don’ts)
  • Whole group exercise to document thoughts and feelings of good and bad customer service
  • How to build, and maintain trust throughout the process
  • Action planning with a trusted partner based on a specific real-life situation




Tour of Canadian International School, Beijing




  • Reinforce critical skills and demonstrate best practice of: questioning, listening, reflecting and responding
  • Breaking bad news
  • Helping and leading people through positive customer service experience
  • 1:1 role plays
  • Summary, key insights, ideas and action planning
  • Delivering an inspirational, and engaging customer service experience

November 25
Delivering Solutions
The essential questions are:

  • How can I adapt my services to meet the customer’s request?
  • How can I document the customer’s request?
  • How can I help my
  • team deliver an effective and positive customer service experience?



  • Summary of day 1, positioning of the day, objectives and personal goals from participants for the day
  • Documenting customer complaints

  • Tracking of customer complaints and/or tickets
  • Table team discussions about how to handle, document and track customer complaints

  • How to problem solve customer’s requests
  • How to show empathy
  • Understanding and dealing with different types of clients
  • Gain agreement from unhappy customers
  • 1:1 role plays

  • Delivering the complete customer service experience
  • 1:1 role plays
  • Workshop summary, key insights, ideas and action planning

Speaker Biography

Luca Mantovani has worked for many years as an external advisor to International Schools, especially in the areas of facility management, operations, leadership, personal and professional development. Whilst based in Hong Kong, Luca works internationally, with extensive experience in Mainland China where he lived with his family for over 10 years. Luca is fluent in Chinese and is able to use his language skills to assist Chinese participants with key concepts.

Luca has worked in Facility Management (FM) operations for over 10 years, during which he has help design and implement FM strategies for multinationals (pharmaceutical, financial, IT) and education institutions, and operational improvement in manufacturing organizations.

Luca’s facilitation style is dynamic, and collaborative. So, be prepared to be engaged, to be challenged, to get involved in discussions and activities, and to leave the day with your head buzzing with ideas!

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