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Leading in Your Role: PD Coordinators

Hangzhou International School

April 20-21, 2018

Essential Learning Question: How can school leaders engage staff in meaningful professional learning that will have lasting impact on school culture and student learning and well being?

Our Goal: For participants to leave with practical tools to strengthen their existing professional learning programs, including components of a comprehensive policy, ingredients for a mature program, and an action plan to take them to the next step.

Target Audience: This workshop is intended for those who implement and/or support a professional development program: Professional Development Coordinators, School Leaders and Administrators, Curriculum Coordinators.


Everyone working with our children plays a role in their education and development. With such a wide range of individuals working tirelessly to educate and nurture our students, how can leaders in turn nurture and support them?

A mature professional learning and development program can do just that and more. It can support and nurture the young teacher, it can challenge and stretch the experienced, professional educator. Such a program plays a crucial role in the efforts to engage staff in a cultural shift or as a response to a known need. A mature program takes into account all members of a school staff.

In short, if it takes a village to raise a child, we need to make sure our village is prepared for the task.

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Participants will engage with philosophy, policy, and procedural practices
  2. Participants will explore links between strategic vision, professional learning, evaluation, and professional learning communities
  3. Participants will understand key elements of a mature program
  4. Participants will draft an action plan for their school

Presenter Profile:

Renee Rehfeldt is Director of Professional Learning and Development at Suzhou Singapore International School, in Suzhou, China, where she oversees the staff induction and orientation program, professional learning and development, professional growth and evaluation, and works with the leadership team on development of policy and protocol to support student and staff learning and wellbeing.

Involved in education for over 20 years, she has worked with a wide range of learners, from nursery to adult. She earned her Masters of Education in the United States, focusing on Spanish and Humanities instruction.

She is increasingly involved in the teacher development in the region, including conference and workshop presentations. Building a community where teachers have opportunities to reflect, learn, grow, and share is a basic ingredient for any learning environment. She believes strongly in the power of collaboration to improve student learning and strives to strengthen ties between educators and leaders.

Participant Preparation:

Participants should bring existing policies, procedures, and relevant school documents related to staff evaluation and staff professional development. As schools review SY2017-2018 and plan for SY2018-2019, bring their school’s strategic plans or goals for the coming year. None of the above need to be in their final versions; bring drafts of these documents or action plans to consider throughout the course of the training.

Two-Day Agenda:

Day 1

TimeFocus and Purpose
8:30-10:00From Professional Development to Professional Learning
- What does the current research teach us about effective professional development?
- How can a shift in vocabulary help shape a school's vision and culture?
10:15-12:00Meaningful Policies and Procedures
- What is your school's philosophy on professional learning?
- What are the essential elements your school needs to include in a professional learning policy?
- What are budgetary allowances and how do you allocate resources?
- Who are the key stakeholders to include in a developing policy?
12:45-2:30From Policy to Practice
- What are the components of a mature program?
- Which suit your school's culture and strategic vision?
- Where is your school now? Where to next?
2:45-4:30Connecting the Dots
- What professional learning is needed to support your school's strategic vision and direction?
- How can school leaders link professional learning, evaluation, and professional learning communities?
- How can school leaders link school and student needs to teacher needs?

Day 2

Time Focus and Purpose

Internal Strategies that have a meaningful impact on student learning

- What does the current research teach us about effective professional development?
- How can we differentiate for teachers?
- What options are available to support internal professional learning for staff?
- How can school leaders get buy-in for an internal professional learning program?
10:15-12:00Supporting Network Development
- What network connections does your school have?
- How can your school cultivate network opportunities for professional sharing?
- What is involved in supporting development of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)?
12:45-2:30Externally Provided Opportunities
- Does your school have specific protocol and criteria to support fair, transparent division of resources?
- How can your school best capitalize on external, one-off trainings?
2:45-4:00Action Plans
- Where is your school now?
- Where to next?
- How will you communicate to staff and implement the program?
- Points of reflection
- Points for growth

Host School Information:

Hangzhou International School

Address: 78 Dongxin Street, Bin Jiang District, Hangzhou 310053

Phone: 86-571-8669-0045


Contact: Peggy Pan -

Recommended Hotels:

1. Hangzhou Zhi Cheng

Address: 688 Dongxin Avenue, 310053 Hangzhou, China

Phone: 189-5713-1191 and 152-6712-0582

Contact: Mr. Qiu -

Distance to HIS: 1.3 km

Standard Room (Twin Beds): 320RMB (2 Breakfast & cable Internet)

Standard Room (King Bed): 350RMB (2 Breakfast & cable Internet)

2. Four Points

Address: 868 Dongxin Avenue Binjiang District Hangzhou, Zhejiang China

Phone: (86)(571) 2887 8888

Contact: Ms. Aurelia Xu -

Cell Number: 188-6818-0740

Distance to HIS: 2.1 km

Standard Room (Twin Beds):

680RMB (1 Breakfast)

770RMB (2 Breakfast & wi-fi)

Standard Room (King Bed):

680RMB (1 Breakfast)

770RMB (2 Breakfast & wi-fi)

Leading in Your Role: PD Coordinators Friday, April 20, 2018 - Saturday, April 21, 2018
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
For more information contact: Michael Iannini
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Event Details
When: Friday, April 20, 2018 to Saturday, April 21, 2018
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Where: Hangzhou International School
Who: Hosted by: Michael Iannini
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