Service Learning: How to Create a Culture of Global Citizenship
in Your Classroom
(Online PD Program)
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 
15:00 - 18:30 (Hong Kong/China Standard Time)


In light of the issues facing our planet and its people, it’s natural for educators to embrace active global citizenship as an urgent and necessary objective. Service learning (using our curriculum to meet real needs in our communities while fostering relevant and deeper learning for students) is a powerful way for us to cultivate mindsets for global citizenship in our classrooms and schools. 

This job-a-like is for any educator involved with service learning or global citizenship education. The goal is to explore ways of creating school cultures that:

  • nurture critical and intentional mindsets about engaging in equitable, reciprocal and inclusive service experiences

  • challenge existing systems of power and privilege to fuel a more equitable and inclusive world

  • foster student agency and leadership

In this job-a-like, we will unpack three case studies (all based on real examples from international schools and spanning elementary, middle and high school classrooms). After learning about each case study, participants will engage in discussions. These will feature guiding questions springing from theories that have the potential to transform service learning, taking it from the realm of “soft” global citizenship to a critical, thoughtful and engaged global citizenship. 

During the job-alike, four key threads will be woven throughout:

  1. mindsets for authentic global citizenship: for authentic global citizenship to develop, we need to be able to understand the root causes of global issues and cultivate empathy for others. How can service learning help us do this? What are strategies and approaches we can use to create these opportunities for learners? 

  2. tools of the service learning cycle: unpacking the five stages of service learning, we’ll explore how aspects of the cycle can be used to achieve deeper learning in our lessons, and how service learning can foster critical global citizenship mindsets. 

  3. from micro to macro: how can we create meaningful service learning experiences in our classrooms, courses and programs? How can we identify themes in our curriculum that align with the principles of service learning and global citizenship, and how can we develop units and other macro experiences that lead to active global citizenship?  

  4. zooming out: how do we engage multiple stakeholders in our communities to create a shared vision around these principles? What strategies and tools can we use to engage in meaningful dialogue about this?

Target audience:  Service learning educators (teachers, coaches, coordinators, school leaders)

Breakout Strands:  There will be three breakout sessions during this job-a-like, and each session will involve small group discussions and reflection. 

Post Meeting Activity (optional):  Follow-up discussion for interested participants who would like to learn more. 

Certificate course:  4

Meeting Time:  15:00 - 18:30 Hong Kong Time Zone (China Standard Time)

Date:  Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Meeting Software:   Zomo for Audio/Video

Access to Recordings:  Included for registrants and available in Teams for 1 year

Space is limited to 60 people to ensure interactive and productive dialog. A school campus may only send 4 people. If a school has multiple campuses it may send 4 people per campus. A campus may be considered the Primary, Middle and Secondary school sections of a school if those sections don’t share responsibilities or budget for leadership development.

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US$200 for 4 people.

US$150 per person

US$300 for 4 people.



Rebecca Gillman


Rebecca Gillman has taught in international schools in The Philippines, Tanzania, Belgium and Singapore. In her role as IBDP CAS Coordinator and Service Learning Coordinator, Rebecca has mentored student leaders and educators in diverse contexts and is a regular contributor to various educator networks. She has carried out her own research into critical global citizenship and service learning practices in international schools and holds an M.A in Development Education and Global Learning. 


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