Teaching Assistants Symposium (Virtual Event)
Monday and Tuesday, May 27-28, 2024
Theme: “Collaborative Partnerships: Empowering Teaching Assistants for Enhanced Educational Engagement”

This virtual symposium is designed specifically for teaching and non-teaching assistants, as well as co-teachers, and is also relevant for teachers collaborating with assistants or co-teachers. The symposium aims to equip participants with collaborative skills to support students in reaching their full learning potential. Sessions are conducted in either English or Chinese, depending on the presenters.

Target Audience

Teaching assistants, learning support and library assistants, arts/music/PE assistants, lab technicians, child-care assistants, co-teachers, and teachers of international/bilingual schools.
In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, teaching assistants play a role that extends beyond traditional instruction. While hard skills are undeniably crucial, we often overlook the importance of cultivating soft skills such as relationship-building, effective communication, and collaboration development. This symposium theme is dedicated to recognizing and fostering the essential skills that enable teaching assistants to become collaborative partners in education.
We invite you to join us as we delve into the transformative power of collaboration between teaching assistants and various stakeholders with the educational ecosystem. From teachers to students, parents to academic administrators, non-teaching support staff, this theme emphasizes the significance of nurturing synergistic relationships that create a truly inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Virtual Symposium Format

Online participants are required to watch the presentation recordings before participating in Peer Sharing and Learning sessions, which will enhance their comprehension of key topics.

Live-Facilitated Peer Sharing & Learning Sessions:
May 27 (Monday) and May 28 (Tuesday), 4 pm – 5:45 pm

Featuring Multiple Presentations
Experienced teaching assistants and collaborators will share insights across four strands: teaching strategies, classroom management, communication & collaboration, and special needs support. Presentation recordings will be available approximately 10 days before the Peer Sharing and Learning sessions.

Peer Sharing and Learning Sessions
Concluding the symposium, these sessions offer a platform for education professionals to exchange resources, information, and ideas, fostering regional networking and broadening perspectives among participants.

Certificate Course & Registration Fees

A certificate of participation will be awarded.

Registration Fees
Individual Registration: USD 160
School Pass: USD 1200 for unlimited online participants