ACAMIS Professional Development Links (PD Links)

Advantages for PD Providers
Over 8,300 teachers from about 16 different English speaking countries are employed by our 75 member schools (increasing annually) with the largest representation from USA, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada. ACAMIS member schools serve over 64,000 international students from over 60 different countries. These highly motivated teachers and leaders express the need to maintain and update their teaching credentials, pursue an advanced degree, or enhance their international teaching or leadership backgrounds.
In response to this need, ACAMIS has created an opportunity for direct links to the staff in our member schools through our website to Professional Development opportunities in universities and colleges in various countries.

  • Low Annual Participation Fee: ACAMIS is interested in providing a service to our members that provides them easy access to a range of opportunities. Universities that wish to participate in ACAMIS PD Links would be charged an annual listing fee of only US$996, which is only $83 per month. Only annual memberships are possible.
  • A description of your university/program and your icon with a direct link to your website through a listing on our website.
  • Access through our website to 8,300 teachers in the greater China region, an increase from 6,500 teachers in four years.
  • Reminder of the PD Links opportunities and new enrolment points will be sent by ACAMIS directly to professional development coordinators at all member schools at least three times per year.
  • The PD Links program will be promoted to member schools three times a year via our member school newsletter, ACAMIS In Action.

Current ACAMIS PD Links Associate Members

More Associate Members' Profiles will be available soon!

Advantages for Teachers
This site was designed specifically for the 8,300 teachers in ACAMIS member schools in mind. Our interest is in providing a free clearinghouse of valuable information that teachers can use to enhance their own personal professional development and their futures in education. As use of this website is public domain, access to the PD Links information is open to all teachers who have access to the website, including non-members.

  • PD Links will include an increasing number of universities with graduate programmes relevant to your needs.
  • We call it one-stop shopping, with renowned programmes at your finger tip on one page for easy reference.
  • Direct links to the university or programme of your choice, click on an icon and connect directly with the university.
  • Information is updated regularly to include the offerings for each semester and summer.
  • Choices are suitable for certification, maintaining credentials, summer work, advanced degrees or certificates in international education, course work to lead to advancement and others.
  • More universities and programmes will be added in the coming years. It takes at least three years to establish this unique kind of service and communicate it throughout our member schools.
  • Tell your friends so they can take advantage of the ease of selection.