ACAMIS Professional Development Links

Over 8,000 teachers from about 16 different English speaking countries are employed by our ever-increasing members with the largest representation from USA, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada. ACAMIS member schools serve over 64,000 international students from over 60 different countries. These highly motivated teachers and leaders express the need to maintain and update their teaching credentials, pursue an advanced degree, or enhance their international teaching or leadership backgrounds.

In response to this need, ACAMIS has created an opportunity for direct links to the staff in our member schools through our website to Professional Development opportunities in universities and colleges in various countries.

Advantages to Participating:

  • Low Annual Participation Fee: ACAMIS is interested in providing a service to our members that is free of charge. Universities that wish to participate in ACAMIS PD Links would be charged an annual listing fee of only US$1800.

  • A description of your university/program and your icon with a direct link to your website through a listing on our website

  • Access through our website to 8,000 teachers in the greater China region

  • Reminder of the PD Links opportunities and new enrolment points will be sent by ACAMIS directly to professional development coordinators at all member schools at least three times per year