Administrative Excellence
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Pudong (Regency Park Campus)
February 28-29, 2020

Workshop Outline

Our Goal - For participants to leave with the tools and confidence to communicate more effectively, both inter-culturally and in writing, as well as to coordinate multiple priorities and problem-solve effectively.

Our Ideal Audience - Executive and Personal Assistants, Receptionists and other front-line administrative staff working in HR, Finance, Facilities and Marketing Departments.

Welcome to Administrative Excellence!

School leadership and their respective teams rely extensively on administrative staff to communicate effectively on behalf of the school and be the first point of contact for teachers, parents and suppliers. International Schools present a challenging work environment for our administrative staff, many of which have never attended such a school nor have had to manage several competing priorities and stakeholder expectations.

This two-day workshop will give your Administrative Staff the opportunity to be exposed to communication and time management skills to empower them to work independently. More importantly, they will gain the skills to become a stronger first line of defense against the innumerable distractions that slow our teams down. Participants will engage in practical activities and be given tools and templates applicable to their daily jobs.

Led by Michael Iannini — one of Greater China’s foremost leadership and organizational development consultants for international schools—the instruction provided will leave attendees with tools and strategies to:
  • Overcome barriers to being understood and understanding others.
  • Communicate effectively in a multi-cultural work environment.
  • Use questioning techniques to ensure a mutual understanding.
  • Define, communicate, act and resolve problems.
  • Idenitify, communicate and coordinate multiple priorities.
  • PDAC Method of Writing Emails and Proof Reading.

DiSC Workplace Behavioral Survey – Participants will complete the DiSC Managers Behavioral Survey prior to the workshop. Participants’ customized Behavioral Profile reports will be reviewed in and throughout the workshop as a tool for developing greater awareness about self and other.

In order to communicate effectively and influence others, we need to understand ourselves and how our priorities affect others. Influence is not about being pushy. Influence is about looking at the problem from the other person’s perspective and then explaining your own views in order to influence their decisions. If you want to be influential you need to be able to understand yourself and your reactions as well as understand other people’s perceptions. The DISC model group’s four common behavioral patterns found universally in all people. This simple four-quadrant model is used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to act and communicate.

DiSC Outcomes:
  • DiSC provides a common language to help staff understand one another and work better together
  • Develop awareness of self and other to improve communication
  • Identify and hone key presentation skills
  • Improve confidence and influencing skills
  • Reduce conflict and avoid misunderstandings
  • Demonstrate capacity to adapt your natural style to accommodate others

Speaker Bio

Michael Iannini is an affiliated CIS consultant with the following areas of expertise:
  • Appraisal and professional development
  • Leadership training
  • School governance
  • Strategic planning

His journey in education began 20 years ago as a research assistant at Arizona State University’s Child Development Laboratory, where he honed his talent for developmental education. Following the conclusion of his tenure at ASU, Michael went on to work as a consultant for the Children’s Action Alliance and the Arizona State Government, sharing key insights on how to help children with special learning requirements.

Since moving to Asia, Michael has partnered with a number of Not-for-Profit Organizations, International Schools, and Chinese Bilingual schools to develop curriculum, train teachers, create parent engagement strategies, and consult leadership on staff capacity building strategies. His exhaustive efforts have helped nurture a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ACAMIS’ network of schools.

As a consultant, Michael’s main focus is helping schools help students through the arts of collaboration, consensus building, and successful organizational management. His diverse work experience (which spans the United States, China, India, and Hong Kong) has given him the ability to satisfy the needs of a diverse groups, develop cross-cultural leadership skills, and establish effective communication strategies.

2-Day Agenda

Day 1

Day 1

8:30 - 10:00Key Communication SkillsIn order to communicate effectively and influence others, we need to understand ourselves and how our priorities affect others. Participants will review their DiSC Profile reports and identify strategies for working effectively with people that are different profile types.
10:00 - 10:15Break
10:15 - 12:15Intercultural CommunicationTo develop awareness of the communication preferences and styles of other cultures, as well as practice effective communication interculturally.
12:15 - 1:00Lunch
1:00 - 2:45Problem SolvingDevelop essential questioning skills to ensure a problem, and the expectation of all stakeholders, is completely understood.
2:45 - 3:00 Break
3:00 - 4:30Dealing with Difficult PeopleParticipants will use DiSC to develop strategies to resolve conflict with stakeholders demonstrating various profile styles. Role plays will be based on typical conflicts administrative staff must resolve with parents, teachers and school leaders.

Day 2

Day 2

8:30 - 10:00Managing Multiple PrioritiesLearn to reduce distractions and prioritize tasks based on strategies popularized by Stephen Covey. Role play communicating your priorities so as to influence the expectations of others and mitigate potential conflict.
10:00 - 10:15Break
10:15 - 12:00Event Planning Role PlayUtilize communication skills from Day 1 and time management skills from Day 2 to coordinate an event multiple stakeholders.
12:00 - 1:00Lunch
1:00 - 3:00Effective Writing: KISSKeep - It - Short - Simple: Participants will be instructed on how to write clearly and concisely, ensuring a positive, yet assertive tone.
3:00 - 3:15Break
3:15 - 4:30Effective EmailsParticipants will learn and demonstrate how to write emails using PDAC (Purpose - Details - Action - Close)

Host School

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Pudong (Regency Park Campus)
Address: 1817 Hua Mu Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201204
Phone: +86 21 2226 7666
Contact: Jenni Wang

Hotel Reservation

The host school has recommended the following hotels:

Dorsett Shanghai
800 Huamu Road, Pudong
Tel: (021) 3852 2222

New Century Manju Hotel (Shanghai New International Expo Center)
1609 Luoshan Road, Pudong
Tel: (021) 6075 3388

Crowne Plaza
1433 MinSheng Road, Pudong
Tel: (021) 5190 8888

Notes with hotel reservation:
  • You need to make your own hotel reservation (or for your colleagues who are going to attend the workshop).
  • Transportation will not be provided during the workshop days. You and/or your colleague who registered the workshop will receive a notification email approximately a week before the conference with workshop information and direction to the host school.

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