Empowering Teaching Assistants

May 11-12, 2018

Harrow International School Beijing

Essential Learning Question: What do I need to know and be able to do to create and sustain a positive learning environment for students?

Our Goal: For participants to leave with the confidence and tools necessary to play a larger role in managing classroom activities, communication with students and parents, as well as ensure a positive learning environment.

Our Ideal Audience: Teaching Assistants. Facilitation for workshop will be in Mandarin Chinese and English, but materials will be prepared in Chinese and participant groupings will allow for activities to be done in Chinese, if required.

Welcome to Empowering Teaching Assistants!

Everyone working in a school should be considered an educator; no matter what role they have in a school. Unfortunately, our teaching assistants, who have the ability to contribute the most in the classroom, are often relied upon the least to support student learning. Empowering Teaching Assistants is a highly interactive 2-day seminar designed to help teaching assistants take a larger role in influencing the classroom-learning environment.

Participants will experience how developing the relationships with one-self, students, colleagues and parents can:

  1. Strengthen the learning community;
  2. Ensure a safe learning environment;
  3. Develop trust; and
  4. Improve student learning.

Additional outcomes from applying the skills taught in this program will also ensure teaching assistants model and reinforce social-emotional and leadership skills.