Marketing and Communication:

Improving Advocacy and Engagement

March 7-8, 2018

Shanghai American School - Puxi Campus

Essential Question: How might the latest innovations and best practices in the corporate world enhance communications and marketing at my school?

Our Ideal Audience: This workshop has been designed for Admissions, Communications, Development and Marketing teams that want to improve advocacy and engagement with their internal and external stakeholders. Members of these teams can include senior leadership, parent advocates and board members that are interested in adopting new strategies to increase the reach of their school's communications, as well as differentiate their school's key messaging.

Welcome to ACAMIS's Annual Marketing and Communications Workshop!

The ACAMIS annual Marketing and Communications workshops connect school leadership and their teams with the latest concepts, strategies and tools to increase their marketing reach and improve engagement with their community. This years workshop will be led by Alex Gibbs, a marketing and communications expert with a proven record for helping international schools design and implement creative communications, marketing and fundraising initiatives and development programs. Alex has been invited back due in large part from the overwhelmingly positive feedback ACAMIS received from last years Parent Engagement Workshop that he helped design and co-facilitate.

In this year’s workshop participants will be introduced to several concepts that are increasingly used by leading organisations in their marketing and communication strategies to improve advocacy and engagement of their internal and external stakeholders. Concepts to be discussed in this workshop are: Social Purpose, Authentic Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, Disruption Economies, New Media, and Psychological Safety. Participants will engage in a process to learn and understand each concept and this understanding will be further enhanced through case study analysis and peer discussion.

At the close of this workshop, you will be able to recognise beneficial influences from the corporate world that could be mirrored in your school’s marketing and communications functions and take away some practical strategies on how to implement and apply them.