Using Data to Improve Student Learning

November 13-14, 2017

Suzhou Singapore International School

Date: November 13-14, 2017

School: Suzhou Singapore International School

Intended Audience: administrators, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, department heads, teacher leaders, counselors, school psychologists


  • Develop data literacy
  • Learn tools, skills and strategies for fostering a culture of collaborative inquiry with regard to student learning data
  • Develop strategies for tackling obstacles to using data in your context
  • Apply learning to data from your school context
  • Develop an action plan for next steps in using data to improve student learning within your sphere of influence

Schools are often regarded as “data rich and information poor,” and in international schools this phenomenon can be even more pronounced. In this workshop, you will learn skills and strategies to collect and make sense of data in order to improve student learning. You will apply your learning to data from your own school, and develop and plan for how you might move forward with using data to develop a culture of collaborative inquiry and improve learning within your sphere of influence.

Participant Preparation:

Participants should bring data from their school that they would like to explore further. This might be results from an assessment (e.g. MAP, ISA, IB, internal common assessment), survey data, enrollment data, etc.