Administrative Excellence
Renaissance College Hong Kong

Our Goal: For participants to leave with the tools and confidence to communicate more effectively, both interculturally and in writing, as well as to coordinate multiple priorities and problem-solve effectively.

Our Ideal Audience: Executive and Personal Assistants, Receptionists and other relevant administrative staff working in HR, Finance and Marketing Departments.

Welcome to Administrative Excellence!

School management, leadership and their respective teams rely extensively on their administrative staff to communicate effectively on behalf of the school and be the first point of contact for teachers, parents and suppliers. International Schools present a challenging work environment for our administrative staff, many of which have never attended such a school nor have had to manage several competing priorities.

This two-day workshop will give your Administrative Staff the opportunity to be exposed to communication and time management skills to empower them to work independently. More importantly, they will gain the skills to become a stronger first line of defense against the innumerable distractions that slow our teams down. Participants will engage in practical activities and be given tools and templates applicable to their daily jobs.

Led by Michael Iannini — one of Greater China’s foremost leadership and strategy consultants for international schools—the instruction provided will leave attendees with tools and strategies to:
  • Overcome barriers to being understood and understanding others.
  • Communicate effectively in a multi-cultural work environment.
  • Use questioning techniques to ensure a mutual understanding.
  • Define, communicate, act and resolve Problems.
  • Identify, communicate and coordinate multiple priorities.
  • PDAC Method of Writing Emails and Proof Reading.