Building Safe Passage Across Networks:
Supporting Transitions at International Schools
November 16-17, 2018

The largest study in educational research history demonstrates that moving harms learning. But this finding is incomplete. The ACAMIS workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the field of transitions at international schools. Moving from the personal to the practical, the Workshop traverses these questions: What impact has working at international schools with a high degree of turnover had on you personally? What does mobility do to the human brain? How does this impact relate to current findings in psychology, neuroscience, and even medicine? What frameworks exist for how schools can and should be addressing mobility? In other words, how can the challenges of mobility be harnessed for their transformative, positive potential? And if this is an issue that no single school can address on its own—for the simple reason that students, families, and teachers move around—how should networks of schools be working together?

Doug Ota's warm, highly personal, and very practical two-day workshop helps you arrive at answers to these questions, so that you can make substantive inroads in improving how mobility is addressed at your schools—and beyond. Doug's hopeful message is that, by understanding the issues at stake in mobility and how to address them, we can harness the vast potential for growth in a life moving amongst cultures—both for our students and ourselves.