Interdisciplinary Programs: Building your STEAM Unit
Shanghai Singapore International School
October 13-14, 2018

Our Goal:

For participants to learn the components of effective STEAM experiences in order to develop their own milestones, assessment, connection to curriculum, and exhibition of student work.

Our Ideal Audience: STEAM coordinators and Trans-Disciplinary Teacher Teams of Science, Technology, Art and Math. (curriculum coordinators, leads and supervisors)

Welcome to the Deeper Learning through STEAM Workshop!

STEAM has become the latest buzz word in education with good reason. It provides students with the opportunity to connect to deeper learning goals, using hands on experiences in science, technology, engineering and math to reach curricular goals, while also being prepared to meet the growing demand in these fields in the next years. The challenge for schools is in delivering these programs strategically; in a way that allows for cross- curricular connections, deep investigation, and meaningful experiences with experts and professionals outside of school. This professional development course helps ensure the STEAM program provides these opportunities. Participants in this program will:

In this highly interactive 2-day workshop participants will be led through an immersive STEAM experience to understand the components of well designed STEAM projects. Participants will then be exposed to STEAM projects that contain each of these components and what separates STEAM projects from less impactful STEAM activities. Finally, in trans-disciplinary teams, teachers will plan a well- articulated STEAM unit that includes essential questions, project milestones, summative assessments, cross- curricular content and experiences, and connection to the world outside of school. They will feel confident in implementing this STEAM unit immediately back at their school campuses, or to further tune and plan with coordinators at their sites.

Led by Kyle Wagner—a High Tech High trained STEAM coach and one of China’s foremost leadership and innovation consultants for international schools—the instruction provided will leave you with tools and strategies to:

  • Identify the components of successful STEAM Experiences
  • Design their own inquiry rich STEAM unit which includes how to:
    • Frame and create an essential inquiry to guide the experience
    • Develop student inquiry through inquiry- based strategies
    • Design assessments to measure student learning and ensure growth in the unit
    • Incorporate rigorous content and skills based off of school curriculum
    • Plan an exhibition of student learning
    • Establish experiential learning opportunities and milestones with the project

The mornings of Day One and Day Two will be a more deliberate approach to learning the essentials of STEAM experiences with real examples, articles and guided activities to understand its components.

The afternoons of Day One and Day Two will consist of work time and critique for trans disciplinary groups to develop and refine their own STEAM units.