Learning Focused Teams - Using Data to Improve Learning
November 9-10, 2018

Goal: As a result of this workshop, participants will have built their capacity as influential learning leaders and will:
    • Be aware of how beliefs and values shape assessment
    • Build their assessment literacy
    • Learn to facilitate moderations and evidence-based conversations
    • Learn to plan for improving learning and then implement and monitor the effectiveness of those actions

Target Audience: Those responsible for leading teaching and learning teams and/or schools - Assessment Coordinators, Deputy Heads and Heads of Faculty

Overview and Participant Preparation
The workshop will help leaders to build their capacity and understanding of how to focus upon evidence of student learning in order to improve levels of learning in their team or school. In order to do this teams or individuals attending will be required to bring a set of evidence with them to consider. Ideally this would include
    • Results from a common assessment (within a class or a grade). This could be a piece of writing, a mathematics test, a project, student profolio evidence about service learning etc. The only requirement is that the learning goals being assessed and/or the task itself are consistent. In early years this might be evidence and documentation around a provocation to which learners responded.
    • A proficiency scale (grade scale) that was used for the assessment above.
    • Reporting or anecdotal data about the same students. These could be reporting grades or comments, or anecdotal notes on the learners who completed the formative assessment. In early years this might be documentation of observations.
    • If available, standardized data like ISA or MAP, or external exams about the same students in the same discipline or subject area.