ACAMIS Peer Learning Network (PLN)

Due to popular demand, we are re-opening individual registrations for the 8 PLN Strands below. Join our growing community today!

ACAMIS Peer Learning Network (PLN) is an opportunity to promote collaboration among education professionals with similar job responsibilities to enhance their craft, share knowledge and network regionally. These highly interactive experience sharing sessions provide an opportunity to share resources, information and engage in discussions and planning that will immediately benefit participants' schools. 

In partnership with PD Academia, ACAMIS’s contracted PD Coordinator, ACAMIS wants to support the professional learning of educators and administrators that traditionally are underserved by its existing conferences. For the 2022-23 school year we will be offering Peer Sharing and Learning opportunities for staff with the following responsibilities:

We believe that some of the most effective professional learning is when schools enable an environment where teachers and administrators dictate the learning agenda, ensuring it is time relevant. PLNs are intended to have participant lead agendas, with meetings that are professionally moderated, so that experience and resource sharing is productive and collaboration is nurtured and curated in online forums.




If notice of cancellation re the registered participant is received:

  • 30+ days pre-event: 80% of fee is refundable
  • 15-29 days pre-event: 40% of fee is refundable
  • Less than 15 days pre-event: no refund

"Event" means the first PLN strand session in the package being purchased.
Participants who commence but do not complete the full program (withdrawing part way through) will not be granted any fee refund.
You may request substitution of a participant(s) and this will be processed at no cost (maximum once per participant).



In the event of cancellation of any PLN sessions, we will make a pro-rata refund or provide an equivalent credit for the registration fee(s) paid.