Peer Sharing & Learning (Job-Alike) Session for Marketing Personnel 
(Online PD Program)
Wednesday, March 30, 2022
9:00 - 12:00 noon China Time (with a 15-minute break) 



Rightfully or not, admissions and marketing personnel are primarily held accountable for the school’s enrollment numbers. Marketing personnel must know the school inside out to adequately promote the school. As a result, they must work closely with everyone at school including the parents.  Their role, to name a few, includes advertising the school on search engines (SEO and SEM), self-promotion using different social media platforms by posting advertorials and short videos, organizing open houses, working closely with admission channels and KOLs, and coordinating school events. In addition, they may need to ensure teachers and staff members deliver extraordinary service to their internal and external customers. The list of tasks is endless, and it is a highly stressful job. 

With the pandemic, things have become fluid and dynamic. For safety, open houses must be scaled down significantly. Governmental regulations now dictate when open houses can be conducted. A marketing manager/director needs to navigate and adapt to these changes decisively and promptly. They will have to be even more creative in recruiting students.

New policies and regulations have greatly impacted bilingual schools in China. For example, education authorities in Shanghai banned local primary schools from holding English Language final exams last August. While the policy came amid broader government efforts to ease academic pressure on Chinese children, the move sent shock waves among the country’s middle-class parents, who worried their cities would soon follow suit. And in 2020, the Education Ministry announced a ban on foreign textbooks in all primary and junior high schools.

The role of a marketing manager/director is becoming more challenging than ever.

正当与否,招生人员和营销人员为学校的入学人数的主要责任人。营销人员必须对学校有彻底的了解以充分推广学校。因此,他们必须与学校里的每个人——包括家长——密切合作。他们的作用包括在搜索引擎以 SEO 和 SEM 推广学校、在不同的社交媒体平台上发布文字广告和短片作自我宣传、举办开放日、与招生渠道和 KOLs 密切合作及协调学校活动等。此外,他们可能需要确保教师和员工为内部和外部客户提供卓越的服务。这份工作的任务列表永无止境,是一个高度紧张的工作。





What is a job-alike?

It is an opportunity to promote collaboration among education professionals with similar job responsibilities, enhance their competence, share knowledge, and network regionally. 

This learning session provides an excellent opportunity to share resources/information and engage in discussions and planning that will immediately benefit the participants and their schools.



Why Should I Join? 

The first half of the job-alike session is guided discussions. We will address the following issue:  

Today is the era of Marketing 4.0, which is Content Marketing. Hard advertisements and offline marketing events have become increasingly less effective, prospective parents are more willing to enroll their children in a school which is well designed and presented in a creative way. In Chinese, we have a word to describe this phenomenon, “Zhong Cao”, which means seeding in English. With the fast development of 5G technology, short videos have become the new trend, and now education via the metaverse is emerging. How marketing managers and directors creatively produce different forms of content will be the most critical factor to be successful.

The second half of the job-alike session is open-ended. Participants choose the topics or issues they would like to talk about that are pertinent to them. For example, participants may choose to discuss “What if the pandemic/epidemic lasts longer? How might the pandemic disrupt the movement of students?”

此工作交流坊的前半部分是指导讨论。 我们将聚焦以下问题:
现今是营销时代 4.0——内容营销。硬广告和离线营销活动变得越来越无效,未来的家长更倾向送他们的孩子到有优良设计和以创意呈现的学校。中文有一个词来形容这种现象:种草,它是播种。随着 5G 技术的快速发展,短片已成为新趋势,通过元宇宙进行的教育正开始冒起。营销经理和董事如何以创意生产不同形式的内容将是成功最关键的因素。


Target Audience

This job-alike is for Mandarin-speaking marketing leaders of schools. 


Mandarin Chinese 


3 hours

Breakout Strands 

There will be two breakout sessions for participants to engage in guided discussion and share best practices, as well as identify and share solutions for common challenges.



March 30, 2022 (Wednesday)

Certificate Course   

3 hours of professional learning 

Meeting Time

9 AM – 12 NOON with 1 x 15-minute break (China Time Zone)

Meeting Software

ZOMO for audio/videos; MS Teams for file sharing
Access to recordings is restricted to registrants and available in MS Teams for one year. 

Registration Fee

ACAMIS Members
US$100 per person

US$75 per person when you register a group of 3-5 staff

US$150 per person

US$100 per person when you register a group of 3-5 staff

How Will I Learn? 

The Job-Alike will begin with a keynote presentation on the opportunities and challenges of a marketing manager/director for 2022 and beyond. 

At the conclusion of the keynote presentation participants will engage in small group breakout discussions on one or two topics. Each breakout discussion will start with a focus question that the moderator will facilitate discussions amongst participants for experience and resource sharing. 

After each breakout discussion, key insights and best practices will be shared with all participants within the topic.




What Will I Learn? 

All participants may expect the following takeaways from this course: 

  • How to creatively produce the content which demonstrate the advantages and key marketing messages of your school?
  • How to promote your content on different social media platforms?

Based on extensive research, we have developed a model for virtual professional development that will:

  • Enable participants to learn at their own pace using a mix of content delivery methods to meet the needs of various learning preferences, including not limited to presentations, case studies, peer consultations, recorded lectures, and industry-related readings.
  • Challenge participants to critically assess their own programs and tools.
  • Connect participants to process content collectively and share unique experiences and perspectives in small and large groups.
  • Demonstrate understanding of knowledge and tools by encourage peer feedback. 


  • 如何有创意地創造展示学校的优势和关键营销信息的内容?
  • 如何在不同的社交媒体平台上宣传您的内容?


  • 通过使用不同的内容传递方法来以满足不同的学习方式的偏好,包括但不限于演示、案例研究、同行咨询、录影讲座和与行业相关的读物等方式,来帮助参与者以自己的节奏进行学习。
  • 帮助参与者对自己所践行的工作方式和工具进行客观评估。
  • 帮助参与者在小组或大组范围内合作进行内容产出和行业经验分享。
  • 通过同行即时反馈的方式来促进对专业知识和工具的掌握。



Email communication before the course start date

Emails related to this Online PD Program will be sent from events@pdacademia.comPlease immediately add this email sender to your safe sender list.

Approximately 2-weeks before the start of the course, participants will be emailed a course introduction, instructions for how to participate and a pre-course survey and readings, if applicable.  If you do not receive this email please let us know.



New programs will be available soon.  Stay tuned!


If notice of cancellation re the registered participant/sponsor is received:

  • 30+ days pre-event: 80% of fee is refundable
  • 15-29 days pre-event: 40% of fee is refundable
  • Less than 15 days pre-event: no refund

Online PD Programs - No refund will be granted re participants commencing an online PD program and withdrawing part way through. Course material fees (re DiSC surveys, book fees, etc) are not refundable once access is granted.



In the event of cancellation of a conference, workshop or online PD program, we will fully refund the registration or sponsorship fee(s) paid. However, we will be unable to refund any travel, visa or accommodation expenses incurred or course material fees where access has been granted.