ACAMIS Peer Learning Network:
Business Managers
(Mandarin Chinese)
Thursday, September 22, 2022
Thursday, December 1, 2022
Thursday, March 30, 2023
9:00 - 12:00 (Hong Kong/China Standard Time)


International School Business Managers are Chief Operating Officers, Bursars, General Managers, Directors of Finance and Human Resources. Their titles and responsibilities can vary, but they are expected to be proficient managers and leaders in the areas they are responsible for. Their job scope is so extensive that they probably oversee functions they are initially unfamiliar with. They strive to keep the school’s ‘lights stay on’ and ensure every support staff under their leadership can satisfactorily fulfill their responsibilities. If the community’s expectations are left unmet, it will result in higher turnover of staff and loss of families. This in turn directly impacts the school’s ability to flourish in an increasingly competitive private school market.

Successful Business Managers are defined by the performance of the school’s staff to service the community and ensure a safe and active learning community. To realize this tremendous responsibility, support staff need to be amply prepared and empowered to do their jobs effectively. Therefore, a key performance metric for a successful Business Manager would be the development and retention of support staff that is regularly commended by the community on their provisioning of excellent service.

What has been just described is the ideal state that we envision our Business Managers being able to operate in. However, the reality is that schools can be plagued by constant turnover and ill-equipped staff to support the community’s needs. In addition, the Pandemic has made realizing this ideal state even more difficult in that staff are overworked, assuming responsibilities they weren’t hired for, and budgets are severely constrained to address the shortage of workers and skills gap.

To help Business Managers succeed and excel in their roles, ACAMIS is organizing three Professional Learning Network (PLN) sessions next academic year. The purpose of the Business Managers PLN sessions is to allow experienced and new professionals from different schools in China to get together to determine best practices, ask questions, discuss common issues/challenges, and share strategies, techniques, and solutions.

Henry Wong, who has served in academic and non-teaching roles in schools, will facilitate the sessions. He has more than fourteen years of work experience in China’s international and bilingual schools as a Business Administration Director. His responsibility in these schools was to oversee and provide leadership to all non-teaching functions including Admissions & Marketing, Human Resources, Facilities Management, IT Help Desk, Public Relations, Auxiliary Services, Procurement, and Inventory departments. In addition, Henry published a booklet titled “Preparing Host Country Support Staff for their Roles in International Schools.” While now living in southern California, he remains active in facilitating workshops for schools in China and Singapore.

Each PLN session will be conducted in two formats. The topic of the first half is pre-determined, and participants will share their knowledge, experience, and questions related to the topic. The participants will decide what topics to talk about during the second half of the PLN session.

It is an opportunity to promote collaboration among education professionals with similar job responsibilities, broaden their perspectives, share knowledge, and network regionally. In addition, this learning session provides an excellent opportunity to share resources/information and engage in discussions and planning that will immediately benefit the participants and their schools.
The PLN sessions are for leaders of the non-teaching division of the school, such as but not limited to the Business Manager and Directors of Finance and Human Recourses.

Meeting Times

9:00 - 12:00 China Standard Time

Meeting #1:

September 22, 2022

Building Trust with Foreign Colleagues

Meeting #2:

December 1, 2022

Sound Financial Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Meeting #3:

March 30, 2023

Motivating Your Staff Intrinsically

Speaker:  Henry Wong

In addition to being an accomplished editor on interpersonal relationships, he is one of the few administrators who have served in both academic and non-academic roles in a school. He has more than sixteen years of work experience in international schools based in Singapore, China, and the US. His administrative positions have included Senior Admissions and Marketing Manager, Business Administration Director and, Co-head.

Henry worked in three international schools and two bilingual schools with student populations ranging from 220 to 1400. His international schools’ responsibility was to oversee and provide leadership for non-academic functions, including the Admissions & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, IT Help Desk, Facilities Management, Auxiliary Services, Procurement, and Inventory departments. These schools had very culturally diverse teaching and family populations. All the schools are accredited by schools and colleges associations (US), and IBO authorizes the three international schools. He published a booklet titled "Preparing Host Country Support Staff for their Roles in International Schools."


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