ACAMIS Peer Learning Network:
Operations and Facilities Management
(Mandarin Chinese)
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
9:00 - 12:00 (Hong Kong/China Standard Time)


Operations and Facilities management play a significant role in an international school. Managing operations and maintaining school’s facilities takes 24/7 effort and attention. When done right, operations and facilities management can empower educators in the classroom, concentrate on what they do best – raising students’ attainment levels. Studies show that safe, well-maintained, purpose-driven designed school buildings that are free from disruption can contribute to healthier students and staff, which can improve student performance (see and increase teaching time and reduce rates of teacher turnover (see

After Human Resources, operations and facilities management are the mostly expensive operations cost of a school. Schools can reduce unnecessary spending and costs when the school’s facilities and operations are managed and maintained well. It leads to a higher ROIs and extends the lifetime value of school’s assets.

The scope of facilities management is wide and extensive. As a facilities management professional, whether responsible for a single facility at a school site or multiple campus locations, maintaining high standards requires oversight of several key areas:

  1. Building and Premise Maintenance
  2. Space Management
  3. Sustainability and Environmental Improvements
  4. Capital Planning
  5. Health and Safety Compliance
  6. School Equipment
  7. Contractor and Sub-Contractor Management
  8. Crisis Management Protocols
  9. Security
  10. Custodial Services
  11. Auxiliary Services such as School Buses, Lunch Catering
  12. Landscape Design and Upkeep
  13. Moves and Setups

Each year, there are mandatory inspections by different municipal bureaus, and this mostly focus on the building and its operating systems. In addition, the facilities department is expected to meet the requirements of the Fire Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Power or Gas Supply Agency, Building Construction or Food Hygiene Bureau, etc.

The scope of work of a facilities management/operations department is expanding with new, evolving technologies and changing environments. Hybrid classroom is now the norm. Facilities management and operations professionals need to continue to expand their knowledge and learn new skills. To achieve this goal, ACAMIS is organizing three Professional Learning Network (PLN) sessions next academic year. The purpose of the PLN sessions is to provide an opportunity for experienced and new professionals in facilities management from different schools in China to get together to determine best practices, ask questions, discuss common issues/challenges, and share strategies, techniques, and solutions.

The sessions will be facilitated by Henry Wong who has served in both academic and non-teaching roles in a school. He has more than fourteen years of work experience in China’s international and bilingual schools as Business Administration Director. His responsibility in these schools was to oversee and provide leadership to all non-teaching functions, which included the Admissions & Marketing, Human Resources, Facilities Management, IT Help Desk, Public Relations, Auxiliary Services, Procurement, and Inventory departments. Henry published a booklet titled, “Preparing Host Country Support Staff for their Roles in International Schools.” While now living in southern California, he remains active in facilitating workshops for schools in China and Singapore.

Each PLN session will be conducted in two formats. The topic of the first half is pre-determined, and participants share their knowledge, experience, and questions related to the topic. The participants decide what topics to talk about during the second half of the PLN session.

This professional learning network is ideal for facilities management managers/directors and/or their supervisors. It is relevant for all levels of experience in the field.

Meeting Times

9:00 - 12:00 China Standard Time

Meeting #1:

September 21, 2022

Providing Leadership and Stewardship for Safety in the Learning Environment
Featured Guests - Johnnie Whang & Participant Presentation

Meeting #2:

November 30, 2022

Working Effectively with Contractors and Sub-Contractors
Featured Guests – Lanco Ke and Participant Presentation

Meeting #3:

March 29, 2023

Meeting the Challenges of Change - New Regulations, Shortage of Skilled Workers, Ageing Staff, and Use of AI
Featured Guests - Dursley Chiu & Participant Presentation
Speaker:  Henry Wong

In addition to being an accomplished editor on interpersonal relationships, he is one of the few administrators who have served in both academic and non-academic roles in a school. He has more than sixteen years of work experience in international schools based in Singapore, China, and the US. His administrative positions have included Senior Admissions and Marketing Manager, Business Administration Director and, Co-head.

Henry worked in three international schools and two bilingual schools with student populations ranging from 220 to 1400. His international schools’ responsibility was to oversee and provide leadership for non-academic functions, including the Admissions & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, IT Help Desk, Facilities Management, Auxiliary Services, Procurement, and Inventory departments. These schools had very culturally diverse teaching and family populations. All the schools are accredited by schools and colleges associations (US), and IBO authorizes the three international schools. He published a booklet titled "Preparing Host Country Support Staff for their Roles in International Schools."

Guest Speaker:  Lanco Ke

Graduated from The University of Hong Kong and the Tongji University of Shanghai, Lanco joined YK Pao School in its founding year. She has 14 years of working experience in bilingual education, with 7 years focusing on campus operations, overseeing general services and facility management. Lanco has also been deeply involved in campus development projects, with the experience of opening new campus.



Guest Speaker: 
Johnnie Whang Jui Chye

Johnnie obtained B.Sc. in Estate Management from the College of Estate Management and acquired professional credentials, including Facility Management Professional (FMP) & Certified Facility Manager (CFM) from International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and LEED AP Operation & Maintenance. He has forty years of experience in the Building and Facility Management industry, and worked in Beijing, China since 1999.

He spent 11 years as the Head of Facility and Services at a 1400-student international school in Beijing that offers Nursery to Grade-12.  His responsibilities cover school operations & maintenance, cleaning, security & safety, event logistics, bus support, theater technical support, kitchen, swimming pool operation, artificial sports field maintenance, air-support facility, wetland operation, and landscape.

Since 2017, Johnnie has worked as Director of Operations (3rd party) for a global student accommodation organization at a prestigious university campus in Beijing.  The college facility is an academic and residential building for international and local students studying for their 1-year master’s degree.  He is responsible for the on-site operational oversight of the college, which entails supervising the fulltime vendors for engineering, security & safety, cleaning, and dining hall operation.

His broad experience covers education workspace planning and operation management work to support students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. Safety and health are essential aspects of an educational institution and should be considered differently for each age group.

Johnnie facilitates training sessions on facility management for both IFMA and private organizations.

Guest Speaker: 
Dursley Chiu

Dursley graduated from Athabasca University in 2007 and obtained Certification of Facility Management Professional (FMP) in 2014. He has 15 years of work experience in an international school and a bilingual school. For the past seven years, he has worked as an operations director for schools overseeing general services and being responsible for major renovations. He has a vast experience in operations and was part of a founding team for a new school in a southern city of China.


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