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Keynote Speakers

Lori Langer de Ramirez

Dr. Lori Langer de Ramirez

Lori Langer de Ramirez began her career as a teacher of Spanish, French and ESL. She holds a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is currently the Director of World and Classical Languages & Global Language Initiatives at the Dalton School in New York City.

Lori is the author of Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web (Corwin), Take Action: Lesson Plans for the Multicultural Classroom and Voices of Diversity: Stories, Activities and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom (Pearson), as well as several Spanish-language books and texts (Cuéntame: Folklore y Fábulas, 601 Spanish Verbs, and Mi abuela ya no está). She has contributed to many textbooks and written numerous articles about second language pedagogy and methodology. Her interactive website (www.miscositas.com) offers virtual picturebooks, videos, thematic units and other curricular materials for teaching Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish and Thai.

Lori has presented workshops, staff development trainings, and addresses at professional conferences and in schools throughout the U.S. (Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C.) and around the world (China, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela).

Lori is the recipient of the Nelson Brooks Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Culture, several National Endowment for the Humanities grants for study in Mexico, Colombia and Senegal, and a Fulbright Award to India and Nepal. Her areas of research and curriculum development are multicultural and diversity education, interdisciplinary and content-based language teaching, folktales and authentic materials in the language classroom, and technology in language teaching, with an emphasis on Web 2.0 tools.

Playful Innovation in the Mandarin Language Classroom

Play is crucial in the language learning process. Games help students feel excited on the affective level, while also reinforcing language acquisition on the cognitive and developmental level. This keynote address is designed to entertain, inspire, and encourage conference attendees to design, develop and incorporate fun (yet rigorous and effective) activities into existing Mandarin curriculum. Sample ideas, activities and materials will be shared.

Workshop #1:
A Sympathy Protest: Simulations and Role Play as a Vehicle for Language, Culture and Content in the Language Classroom
Simulations and role-plays can be used to great effect in the World Language classroom. Students can take on the roles of characters in a historical event, a work of literature, or any story and, by taking on new identities, they can delve more deeply into diverse cultural perspectives. Accompanied by real-world tasks and critical thinking activities, simulations can be engaging, pedagogically sound, and fun! Explore several classroom simulations including one for intermediate Spanish students called "The Politics of Art - A Sympathy Protest." Participants will come away with ideas and resources for designing and developing a simulation or role-play in their own classes.

Workshop #2:
Virtually There – Project-Based Learning and Fantasy Trips in the Language Classroom

In this workshop, World Language teachers will explore the potential of fantasy trips for teaching language, culture and content in the language classroom. Through a simulated virtual trip, teachers will learn about activities, realia and other important lesson tips that will enable them to design a fantasy trip for their own students.

Workshop #3:
Folktales, Fables and Stories for the Language Classroom
Using folktales as the thematic center, teachers can incorporate language, content and culture into their lessons. Activities will be shared that involve students in using their language to make connections to other disciplines as they explore these culturally rich stories. The presenter will provide a rationale for using folktales as a thematic center in curriculum planning, present sources and resources for stories, address ways to adapt stories to meet diverse proficiency levels, demonstrate pre- and post-reading/listening activities.

董宁 Ning Dong

董宁 Ning Dong
MPhil., M.A., B.A.


董宁对 IBDP文学课程的研究深入, 2012年根据新版大纲编写的教材 《国际文凭大学预科项目中文A文学课程指导》(繁简体上下册)出版。董宁的文学研究从不间断,2013年出版了中英文双语版研究清代弹词小说的学术专着 《诚为才女红顔写心》。2014 年《文学课程专题研究论文写作指导》(繁简体各一册) 一书出版。2016年,《IBDP文学术语手册》(繁简体各一册) 一书出版。以上几本专着构成系列的IBDP中文教材,填补了全球IBDP中文教学的空白,满足了IB教学的需要。2017年,《国际文凭大学预科项目中文A文学课程指导》(繁简体上下册)再版发行。

Keynote: 中文教師的職責與使命 - 一切為了實現中文教學的美好願景




Workshop Presenters

Alphabetized by presenters' last names. Subject to further updates

Grace Kang

Grace Kang

Grace Kang is an Adult TCK, born in Korea and lived in New Zealand, U.S. and China. As a multilingual speaker, she identifies with and understands students who are learning new languages while transitioning into new cultures. Grace has presented workshops about language acquisition, literacy, and learning disabilities. She holds a master’s degree in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University. She also majored in Special Education and minored in English Language Learners from Western Washington University. Her experience includes teaching students from 2nd grade to 8th grade in variety of settings including, but not limited to, homeroom, ELL push-in and pull-out, special education push-in and pull-out, and after-school programs in public and international schools.

Session 1: Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
What does it mean to be bilingual (multilingual)? How do students acquire a language? This session will look at language acquisition and bilingualism. In this session, teachers will understand the process of language acquisition and how to differentiate for their bilingual/multi-lingual students.

Session 2: Language Acquisition and Language Disabilities
Identifying a language acquisition and language disability is hard. Should the focus be on labelling and identification? Brief background on language acquisition and language disability will be shared. Participants will takeaway practical strategies to work with students who are acquiring a language and/or has a language disability.

Session 3: Language Acquisition and Other Learning Disabilities
What can teachers do to maximize learning for bilingual (multilingual) students who have other learning disabilities. Brief background on different learning disabilities will be shared. Participants will takeaway practical strategies to work with students who are acquiring a language and/or has other learning disabilities.

Jacky Pang 彭振

彭振 Jacky Peng







Xiao Yun Qiu 邱晓云





Lanny Tsou

Ms. Lanny Tsou, BA MED, Renaissance College Hong Kong

Ms. Tsou is originally a Chinese teacher from Taiwan, and now works as the Chinese teacher at Renaissance College Hong Kong. She is an experienced educator and has previous teaching experience in Taiwan. She obtained a diploma from the Department of News Editing and Reporting from The World College of Journalism (Shih Hsin University). She received a certificate from the Taipei Language Institute Center for Teacher Chinese as a Second Language in 2006. She also holds a Bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature, and has a Master degree in education, major in Teaching Chinese as a Second language from the University of Hong Kong. Her research area focuses on the teaching strategy and curriculum designing for the Second Language. She held many workshops for teachers and students from local secondary schools and the University of Hong Kong in recent years. Meanwhile, she is also the Chinese leader of 21st Century Learning International.




當前教育界推出STEM課程,引發各界相當大的關注,中文教學與STEM 之融合性相當高,本工作坊將介紹二語教學與STEM之關聯性,以提供教師不同的教學思維。

Lilian Wong

Lilian Wong, ESF Discovery College

Lilian Wong is a Chinese teacher, who in 2001 began her teaching journey as an international teacher. In the past decade, Lilian has developed herself as an educational leader through various roles she has played and continues to play in her professional journey. These include being a Chinese head teacher, International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) field representative and workshop leader, an IBPYP committee member (school representative), an IBPYP visiting team leader and a school consultant.

As a Chinese teacher, Lilian is always keen to reflect and develop strategies to enhance teaching and learning in her class in order to promote student agency. Teaching through language, she believes it is important to make connections between cultures in order to enhance international mindedness in the students she teaches as well as the school community as a whole that she belongs to.


Strand focus: Teaching Mandarin acquisition in international school
Context for the theme: Teaching Chinese in international schools can be structured in a various way according to school's commitment and resources. How to make sure Chinese is aligning with your school standards and practices is an ongoing discussion among schools. As one of the experienced teacher, I have been learning and reflecting consistently in last 16 years in different structured international schools. This workshop is a summarise of the effective approach and design of the Chinese programme within multiple international school frameworks.

Session #1: 国际学校中文课程设计技巧 Strategies in Mandarin curriculum design

Session #2: 语言课堂中的探究式教学 Inquire based teaching in Mandarin classrooms

Session #3: 如何进行有效的评估 Effective assessment in Mandarin class

Participant Outcomes:
Know: various way to design Chinese programmes
Do: design/review/ further develop a Chinese programme for your school

Be: confident about how to be a Chinese teacher in international schools

Daisy Zhang 张媛

Daisy Zhang 张媛






Zhi Zheng 郑直

郑直 Zhi Zheng

郑直,中国常熟世界联合学院中文系教师,中文第二学科组负责人。曾先后任教于泰国曼谷公立高中,美国内布拉斯加州林肯市公立中学,北京乐成国际学校。持有美国中学汉语教师资格证,担任IBDP Ab initio口语考试考官。目前主要教授IBDP中文语言与文学及IBDP Mandarin Ab initio课程,所教授的学生IBDP考试成绩远超世界平均成绩。曾于泰国出版汉字教学的相关书籍,在IBDP Mandarin Ab initio课程教学中独创性地与字本位教学法相结合,得到了学生的一致好评。



Target Audiences:

Teacher Presenters

Vivienne Fung & Elaine He - Shatin College

Vivienne Fung 冯薇薇 & Elaine He 何怡然, ESF Shatin College 香港英基协会属下沙田学院
Section: Secondary
Position: Teacher of Chinese

Vivienne Fung(冯薇薇): 香港英基协会属下沙田学院的资深中文教师。在国际学校教授包括IB和IGCSE在内的中文课程近20年,曾参与多项对外汉语教材和香港普通话教师培训教材的工作,著有《胜券》、《突破IB中文普通课程 / 高级课程考试难关》、《优胜》、《跨越IB中文普通课程/高级课程考试难关》等书。现任IB DP Chinese B examiner和IBDP Chinese B workshop leader。

Elaine He (何怡然):香港英基协会属下沙田学校的中文教师。在国际学校教授IB、IGCSE等中文课程,同时也教授IBDP TOK课程,现任IB DP Chinese B examiner。


Target Audiences:


Canvia Tai - German Swiss International School

Canvia Tai, German Swiss International School
Section: Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary
Position: Head of Mandarin, English Primary Department

Canvia Tai received her different degrees from US universities and was a certified teacher in Los Angeles. She has been teaching Chinese/Mandarin as additional foreign language since 1998, in US, China and Hong Kong. She was the Director of Chinese Program at Teda International School in Tianjin and the Mandarin Coordinator at Hong Kong Academy. She currently is the Head of Mandarin in English Primary Department at GSIS and also the author of the Easy Chinese Reading Series.

Presentation #1: What to do with Classroom Management for Chinese Lessons
The session is going to disucss thse questions along with the practical examples
- What is classroom management?
- What are the advantages of classroom management?
- What are the challenges of classroom management a Chinese teacher is facing?
- What should you know about classroom management?

- 什么是课堂管理?
- 如何得益于课堂管理?
- 中文老师所面对的课堂管理有哪些挑战/困难?
- 课堂管理有什么诀窍?

Target Audiences: Both Secondary and Primary Teachers

Presentation #2: Effectively using technology to teach Chinese language
The session is going to share the technology usage experience from Chinese classroom. Among many available from Chinese classroom. Among many available computer programs/applications, how to choose ones which fit into a Mandarin teacher's personal interest and make it practical to students and be helpful to both teaching and learning.

本节讲座将与老师们分享现代科技在中文教学中的运用。 市场上、业界中有很多的电脑程式,如何于花多眼乱之中挑选最适合自己的程式,并使之有效地运用在教学中,令大多数的学生们在学习中文的过程中得益于现代科技,从而提高学习有趣和效能。

Target Audiences: Both Secondary and Primary Teachers

Cheryl Li - Harrow School Beijing

Cheryl Li 李晓帆, Harrow School Beijing 北京哈罗学校
Section: Primary
Position: Head of Mandarin (Lower School) 小学中文组组长

Topic Mandarin – a bridge between Culture, Language and International Content.
Since 2015, Harrow Beijing has initiated “Topic Mandarin” - a new type of Mandarin lesson that integrating Chinese language and international content through collaboration between local and expat teachers in classroom. With the aim of building a bridge between culture, language and international content, several trial approaches have trialed and evaluated. In this session, Ms. Li will share their journey of exploration.

Target Audiences: Primary pupils, mixed ability group

Rosemary Zhao & Wenjing Qiu - Harrow School Beijing

Rosemary Zhao & Wenjing Qiu, Harrow School of Beijing
Section: Primary to Secondary
Rosemary Zhao - Assistant Head Chinese Culture and Curriculum
Wenjing Qiu - Head of Mandarin, Upper School

Rosemary Zhao, Assistant Head Chinese Culture and Curriculum at Harrow Beijing. Rosemary majored in English Language and Literature in her first degree and have a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation from the University of Warwick. Her experience ranges from running an EAL teaching centre to project management, from teaching English as an additional Language and teaching Chinese as an additional language to curriculum development. She is currently supporting all academic departments in the school to develop an innovative way of curriculum delivery to bring different cultures together and also better engage with the local culture.

Wenjing Qiu, the Head of Upper School Chinese teacher in Harrow Beijing. She will join Rosemary in delivering a part of this workshop presentation.
In 2005, she began her teaching journey as an international teacher. She has worked with different students from different countries in the Lower school and the Upper school. She is keen to develop teaching strategies in class in order to get students having a passion not only about the language itself, but also to understand the Chinese culture.

An Innovative Way of Delivering Curriculum - Enquiry based learning and engaging with the local culture
Harrow Beijing has been seeking to find an innovative way to deliver curriculum and promote cross-cultural learning. Since last year, there has been a drive in the school to better engage with the local culture and improve teaching and learning in the local context. A whole school initiatives have been tried out, and in this process, our Mandarin department has been involved in creating a school atmosphere to enhance our appreciation of the local culture. We plan to share the journey we went through in this process to inspire other teachers who might be going through a similar process or who may gain a few ideas from the workshop discussion. We also hope to learn from other teachers in the workshop.

  • Curriculum design and implementation
  • The way to integrate language with culture
  • Chinese culture – arts and crafts, e.g. Chinese calligraphy
  • Other topics

Target Audiences:
  • Primary to secondary
  • Teachers involved in curriculum integration or promoting cross-cultural understanding or learning.
  • Language proficiency level: fluent Mandarin speaker

Tricia Li & Miya Mai - ISA International School of Guangzhou

Tricia Li & Miya Mai, ISA International School of Guangzhou
Section: Primary
Position: Chinese Teacher

Tricia Li,广州爱莎国际学校中文教师,五年国际学校教学经验,一直致力于探索IB教学理念与中文教学相结合的方法,开发与整合校本教材。在教学中,遵循“寓教于乐,寓学于乐”的理念,尊重学生的个性,因材施教。于我而言,教师的作用在于营造开放有趣的课堂氛围,引导学生养成独立思考的好习惯,激发学生无限的想象力与创造力,帮助学生成为全面发展的人。

Miya Mai有六年多的国际学校教学经验,主要教授海外学生中文,会针对学生的学习、性格等特点开展分层教学。能结合海外优秀教育理念IB项目与中国本土教材开展教学,有多方面整合资源的经验,修订和整合过学校的校本教材。教学形式丰富多样,创造性地引导学生学习,能激发学生学习兴趣,引导学生乐于学习,积极思考,对事物保持好奇心,从而获取知识。


Target Audiences:
  • 对中文教学有浓厚兴趣的老师,在IB课程框架下不断探索的同行和前辈们。
  • 用中文分享
  • 所教年级:适合幼儿园到初中

Martin Mak - King George V School Hong Kong

Martin Mak, King George V School Hong Kong英皇佐治五世學校
Section: Secondary
Position: Head of Foreign Language Chinese

Martin Mak is currently holding the position of Head of Foreign Language Chinese at King George V School, an IB international school in Hong Kong. He is in-charge of the curriculum and assignment in DP Chinese B. Apart from Chinese, he also teaches Theory of Knowledge in Chinese and English and has been an IB examiner for 5 years, moderating presentations and marking essays, which are the major assessments in this course.

Having taught Chinese literature for 3 years, Martin Mak further investigated the second language education issues in University of Cambridge. With 10 years of teaching experience, he led a team of authors to write the textbook IGCSE Mandarin Chinese as Foreign Language published by Cambridge University Press and endorsed by the exam board in 2017.

Incorporating Theory of Knowledge in IB Chinese Language Acquisition
Do you know what Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is? Do you know how to establish connections between TOK and Chinese teaching, especially in IB DP Chinese B/ab initio? How can easy links be established between these two? Teachers will be able to answer these questions through participating in the activities designed and facilitated by the presenter in this workshop.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is one of the core subjects in the IB Diploma Programme and it is a requirement that teachers need to establish links between academic subjects and Theory of Knowledge. While some subjects seem to have obvious links with TOK such as philosophy and history, it is not easy for teachers teaching language acquisition (Language B).

This workshop will start by introducing some basic concepts of TOK and through activities, participants will discover the links between TOK and some of the commonly used language activities in Chinese classroom. Apart from pedagogy, the presenter will also share some IB DP Chinese B materials where Chinese teachers can reinforce the TOK concepts in their classroom. The presenter will then look at how the TOK concepts can be incorporated in the curriculum development process. Last but not least, there will be some open discussion time for teachers to talk about how TOK can be incorporated in their Chinese classroom.

The workshop especially welcomes Chinese teachers with limited TOK experience and they will find the workshop very useful in their teaching and curriculum design in school.

Target Audiences:
Chinese teachers teaching in an international school context especially teachers teaching DP Chinese.

Wenwen Zhang - Nansha College Preparatory Academy

Wenwen Zhang, Nansha College Preparatory Academy
Section: High School
Position: Teacher

Wenwen has been teaching in international schools since 2013. Prior to this, she spent three years as a Chinese teacher in Taipei Language Institute in Guangzhou. Wenwen also spent one year as a Chinese program assistant in Willamette University, Oregon and one year as a Chinese teacher at the Community School in Salem, Oregon. She has published a study and given presentations on distance education in China.

Strategies and Activities for Reading Engagement
This workshop suits for all Language A and Language B K-12 reading instructors. It will provide some practical fun strategies and activities to raise students' interest and get involved in reading. Strategies like cutting and matching; picture puzzle; subheading tarot; movie matching; figure relationship diagram etc.

This workshop will under one of the conference category:
  • Effective teaching strategies and methods
  • Teaching literacy skills: strategies and teaching materials

My workshop is something new to help teachers develop their reading class more interesting and make students learn more deeply, which is a heritage from traditional ways of teaching but also an innovation for new environment.

Target Audiences:

K-12 Language A and Language B language instructors

Bella Zhang - Nanjing International School

Bella Zhang 张博, Nanjing International School
Section: Early Childhood, Primary
Position: Mandarin Teacher, Inclusion Advocate

张博毕业于吉林大学,汉语国际教育硕士专业。曾执教于韩国釜山中央中学以及南京理工大学国际学院。她以TA的职位进入南京国际学校,后成为南京国际学校小学部的中文教师。张博现就任 EARCOS & SENIS 学校代表,ACAMIS中文大会策划组成员,以及南京国际学校教学策略组成员。

Is there a better way to teach Chinese character to young learner? (Innovation) – Sensory learning in practice in Mandarin classrooms 汉字创新教学-感官学习在中文课堂的应用

Meeting the sensory needs in the Mandarin class room. The innovations of Chinese character teaching in practice.

Target Audiences: Primary Mandarin teachers will have the sensory learning experience with me about how might we better engage young learners in character learning in our classroom by using sensory learning practice.

Denise Wang - Shekou International School

Denise Wang 王丹丹, Shekou International School
Section: Secondary
Position: Chinese Teacher

Denise Wang 王丹丹老师,从事国际中文教育11年,曾任教于新加坡南洋女中,目前担任深圳蛇口国际学校中学部中文教师,负责6-12年级中文母语课程四年,自2014年起教授IBDP中文A语言与文学课程,致力于探索国际学校中文母语课程的发展、资讯科技在教学中的应用,以及小学与中学、高中与IBDP课程的衔接。



工作坊也将针对一些母语课程的疑难问题进行讨论, 如:精读整本文学作品的训练如何在6-10年级贯彻?母语课程中的近母语学生如何分层教学?母语课程中语言与文学的教学如何平衡?进入IBDP课程前如何做到文本分析与创意写作的相互促进?

Target Audiences:
IBDP中文A 语言与文学教师

June Zhan - Utahloy International School Guangzhou

June Zhan, Utahloy International school Guangzhou
Section: Primary
Position: Primary Chinese Mother tongue teacher

June Zhan has been teaching Chinese As First Language at Uthaloy International school, Guangzhou since 2009. She is interested in teaching different student levels. She adopts different strategies and uses in her classroom. In her Chinese class, students have significant opportunities to achieve success in their writing task. In addition to teaching, June also involves to compile PYP Chinese Mother Tongue textbooks at school. She and her team are now working on Year 4 textbook edition.





Target Audiences:


Ruby Chen - Utahloy International School Guangzhou

Ruby Chen, Utahloy International School of Guangzhou
Section: Secondary
Position: Secondary Chinese Teacher

Ruby graduated with a master degree in major of teaching Chinese to Speaker of Other Language. She joined Utahloy since year 2012, it is her sixth year working with the school. She is teaching both MYP Chinese B and DP Chinese ab initio. Ruby is motivated by idea of teaching with effective activities. She is keen on learning new teaching strategies and combine them with her teaching.

Activities in Chinese B class that promote student’s engagement
Students all like to play games or activities which make them well-engaged and make learning interesting. They learn better and bear knowledge in longer term if the content is taught in way of activity and clearly stated. During my five years of teaching, I tried different ways of teaching and in the process, I heard from students that they really enjoy the learning and I was pleased to see their learning outcome. We have so many experts in our field who work so hard and are generous to share their teaching experience with us. I tried to come up with my own ideas of teaching on the basis of these experts’ sharing.

Target Audiences:

Teachers who are currently teaching Secondary Chinese B or perspective Chinese B teachers.

Ina (Ting Wing) Li & Carol (Yu Sze) Ng - Victoria Shanghai Academy

Ina (Ting Wing) Li 李亭穎 & Yu Sze Ng 吳宇詩, Victoria Shanghai Academy滬江維多利亞學校
Section: Primary
Position: Head of Chinese, Head of Year One

Ting Wing Li 李亭穎

Yu Sze Ng 吳宇詩
具豐富國際文憑課程小學項目經驗的中文老師, 在校外擔當國際文憑課程小學項目培訓導師和學校小學項目實施顧問,每年主持校內及亞太區工作坊,與老師交流分享。曾任小學項目助理協調員、五年級統籌,在校曾任教高小語文,現為一年級統籌。

How to use concept and essential question to enhance Chinese teaching and learning 如何利用概念及主要問題規劃中文教學


Target Audiences:

Catherine Jia - Wellington College International Tianjin

Catherine (Yanjun) Jia, Wellington College International Tianjin
Section: Primary
Position: Junior Mandarin Teacher


1. 选定阅读文本: 以达到培养文学素养,激发阅读兴趣,养成阅读习惯等为目标,选定文本《青铜葵花》。

2. 确定阅读策略: 教学案例将打破“篇章教学”的分析模式,按照“生动学习文常----多元化逻辑梳理----唤醒读者”的思路,明确阅读策略。 比如使用“角色带入”;通过视觉化,参与性的多元活动,理清人物关系、内容逻辑;用创意写作的方式唤醒读者。

3. 讨论阅读收获: 通过一个个生动的教学活动,组织学生自主地发现在泛读、精读、默读、写作等多项能力的提高。

4. 分享教学实例: 分享教学中富有创意的学生作品和课堂瞬间。 比如“人物树”“我的自制《青铜葵花》”“一封家书……”等。

Target Audiences: Junior Native Mandarin Group

Tina Wei - Wellington College International School Tianjin

Tina Wei, Utahloy Wellington College International School Tianjin
Section: Secondary
Position: Mandarin Teacher

Tina is currently teaching IBDP Chinese A and B, IGCSE, A-level at Wellington College International Tianjin. She is doing research that focuses on how to help students to understand literature works via drama techniques and how to inspire and guide students’ motivation to learn by themselves.


课堂活动设计的方向是为了帮助学生跨越两大难题。第一是学生在舞台上如何通过面部表情和动作来展现个人性格和传递剧情信息。 第二演员如何是通过人物的互动来表现人物之间的关系并推动剧情的发展。 这两点对于表演零基础,文本理解肤浅的学生来说都是很难做到的。在现实实践中,我们的学生不仅达到了以上实验目标,而且还根据自己的理解把剧本解构并重组,最后把重新编排的戏剧搬上了舞台。演出之后的反思分享会,又是一个重新再次加深理解文本的过程。通过活动解读文本---搬上舞台演绎文本---反思演出再次解读文本。 这几大部分形成了一个闭合的学习历程,相辅相成,同时在文本和表演之间建立起一个理解的桥梁。

Target Audiences:
  • Secondary school mandarin teachers;
  • A-level mandarin teachers;
  • Pre-IB teacher

Lily Chen - Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Lily Chen 陈莉, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
Section: Secondary




Target Audiences: 适合任何希望提高学生的理解能力和朗读兴趣的语文老师。

Yvonne Wang - Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Yvonne Wang 汪翼翼, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
Section: Secondary
Position: 中文非母语

汪翼翼,上海耀中外籍人员子女学校优秀教师。毕业于华东师范大学,获得汉语国际教育硕士学位。2013年开始任教于上海耀中中学部,致力于近母语学生背景的中文教学研究,教学中积极创新,探索多元化的教学,例如“可视性思维在语言课堂中的实践”、“Media Literacy(媒介素养)在中文教学中的应用”以及“批判性思维在中文教学课堂的实践运用”。



Target Audiences:


Teacher presenters are listed according to their representing schools. Subject to further changes.


Please refer to the Guidebook app as the finalized version.

Thursday, June 28

7:00 - 8:00 Bus pick up from Hotels
(7:30am from Holiday Inn Beijing Airport Express)
8:00 - 8:30Registration and Coffee
8:30 - 8:45Opening and Welcome
8:45 - 9:45Keynote #1
Playful Innovation in the Mandarin Language Classroom

Dr. Lori Langer de Ramirez

9:45 - 10:15Coffee Break
10:15 - 11:45Workshop Session #1
11:45 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 2:30 Workshop Session #2
2:30 - 2:50Coffee Break
2:50 - 4:50Workshop Session #3
5:00 - 6:00Buses to Conference Dinner
6:00 - 8:00Conference Dinner
8:00Buses to Hotels

Friday, June 29

7:30 - 8:15Bus pick up from Hotels
(7:45 from Holiday Inn Beijing Airport Express)

8:15 - 8:45Coffee on Arrival
8:45 - 8:50Housekeeping Announcement
8:50 - 9:40Keynote #2
中文教師的職責與使命 - 一切為了實現中文教學的美好願景
Ning Dong 董宁
9:40 - 10:00Coffee Break
10:00 - 12:00Workshop Session #4
12:00 - 1:00Lunch
1:00 - 2:30Workshop Session #5
2:30 - 2:50Coffee Break
2:50 - 4:20NCCT Presentation/Workshop Session #6
4:30Buses to Hotels

Saturday, June 30

7:15 - 8:00Bus pick up from Hotels (7:30 from Holiday Inn Beijing Airport Express)

8:00 - 8:15Coffee on Arrival
8:15 - 9:10Teacher Presentation #1
9:10 - 10:10Teacher Presentation #2
10:10 - 10:30Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:30 Teacher Presentation #3
11:30 - 12:45Closing Lunch
12:50 Buses to Hotels/Train Station/Airport

Hotel Reservation

The host school will provide transportation from the following hotels during the conference days:

Beijing Hilton 北京希尔顿酒店
1 Dong Fang Road, North Dongsanhuan Road, Beijing 100027, China
Contact Person: Patrick Suo
Tel: +86 10 5865 5224

Baifuyi Hotel Beijing 北京百富怡大酒店
No.19 Nan'Erlizhuang, Beijing, China
東城區東直門外大街南二里莊19號, 北京, 中國
Contact Person: 王宇
Telephone: 136 9146 7174
Rates: 750 Yuan (single breakfast)/850 Yuan (double breakfast)

Holiday Inn Express Beijing Airport Zone 北京临空智选假日酒店
1 Building, No.6 Court Jingshun East Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015
Telephone: +86 10 64349999-1-1 (24 hours) or +86 10 6434 9999-8189/8182 (Business Hours)
Email: rsvn@hiexpressbjaz.com
Contact Person: Mile Zhao

Email: revn@hiexpressbjaz.com

Notes with hotel reservation:
  1. You need to make your own hotel reservation (or for your colleagues who are going to attend the conference/workshop).
  2. Transportation will be provided only between the above hotel(s) and the host school during the workshop or conference days.
  3. You can book other hotels but you (and/or your colleagues) will need to make your own way to the host school.

Hosting School

Dulwich College Beijing 北京德威英国国际学校

Established in 2005, Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) is a British international school for students from 1-18 years of age. The curriculum is based on the enhanced English National Curriculum up to Year 9, IGCSE courses for students in Years 10 and 11, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Years 12 and 13. DCB emphasizes excellence in academics, sports, and the arts, fostering in every child a sense of the importance of community service. DCB was awarded the “Best British School” in 2011 and in 2016 earned an Expat Life Award in the “Best International School” category. It is a PSAT, SAT, PLAN, and ACT testing center. Strong IBDP results have enabled graduates to enter Oxford Russell group universities in the UK as well as Ivy League and top 50 universities in the US.

Head of School: Simon Herbert

Dulwich College Beijing 北京德威英国国际学校
89 Capital Airport Road, Legend Garden, Shunyi District
Beijing 101300 PRC
北京市顺义区首都机场路89号丽京花园7区 邮编:101300
Tel: +86 10 6454-9000


NEW! NCCT Presentation

Overview of the Chinese Curriculum Changes for High School Education in China

  1. 首次提出学科核心素养,是学科育人价值的集中体现;
  2. 首次提出学业质量要求,用以规范、指导过程性评价、学业水平考试或高考命题;
  3. 突出传统文化。以语文学科为例,设置了中华优秀传统文化学习专题,将原标准“诵读篇目的建议”改为“古诗文背诵推荐篇目”,推荐篇目数量也从14篇(首)增加到72篇(首),提高了学习要求。自2018年下半年起,教育部将逐步修订义务教育《课程方案》和各学科《课程标准》,学科核心素养和学业质量水平将贯穿始终。


The revised national Curriculum Framework and Content Standards for high school (grade nine upward) were officially launched this January. There are 3 significant changes:
  1. Upgrading “teaching goals and objectives” to subject-specified Core Competencies
  2. Introducing measureable Academic Performance Requirements to guide assessment and examinations, and
  3. Highlighting traditional Chinese culture.
The Ministry of Education has been putting efforts into revising Curriculum Framework and Content Standards for compulsory education, with subject-specified Core Competencies and Academic Performance Requirements as guiding ideas.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, textbook regulation and development has risen to the top of China’s national education strategy. Specifically, textbooks for 3 ideology-related subjects
  • Chinese,
  • History and
  • Moral Education

should be compiled and reviewed by the central government. No other textbook for 3 ideology-related subjects shall be allowed for any school anymore, including state, private and international schools (with Schools for Children of Foreign Nationals as only exception). Last September, textbooks for 3 ideology-related subjects were put into use in compulsory education (G1-9), textbooks for high schools are now being compiled.

Presentation presented by Professor Wang Yunfeng 王云峰教授

Professor Wang Yunfeng 王云峰教授


CLTN Committee

Cindy Li

Cindy Li, Committee Chair
Utahloy International School of Guangzhou

Cindy Li 目前担任广州誉德莱国际学校中文部主任。她在IBMYP,DP以及GCSE等领域任教多年,积累了丰富的教学经验。她毕业于伦敦大学亚非学院中文专业,对中国人文,历史及文化有深入研究。同时,她也拥有教育课程与管理硕士学位,并具有丰富的大型活动组织经验。去年,她协助中蒙国际学校组织成功地在誉德莱国际学校举办了ACAMIS中文会议。

Grace Gong

Grace Gong
Dulwich College Beijing

北京德威英国国际学校中文主管,拥有丰富的IGCSE 和IB教学经验,连续三年担任北京语言大学海外教师培训实践课程寒暑假特约培训师。国际学校中文辩论赛的创始者之一,中文母语教学深度论坛的创始人。她积极推动了北京地区国际学校之间的互动。

Bella Zhang

Bella Zhang


Nanjing International School

Bella is a PYP Mandarin teacher from Nanjing International School. She has been at NIS since 2012. As a Chinese teacher, Bella is passionate about teaching and learning. Bella currently focuses on bursting the bubble, and coordinates engaging activities with the local community in order to promote home learning and familiy engagement.

张博,目前任职于南京国际学校小学中文部 。今天是她在南京国际学校就职的第四年。作为一名教授中文为第二语言的老师,她一直努力将语言教学 “搬” 出课堂,将语言情景联系与实际社会生活相连,并努力与本地的社区交流合作,以期将语言学习带出课堂,并打破传统教学老师与学生以及学生与教室的模式。张博目前教学的中心为设计发展生动并结合听说读写的课后学习活动,取代传统的纸笔作业。

John Zheng

John Zheng
British School Beijing, Shunyi Campus

郑勇,现任教于北京英国学校,担任毕业班班主任,教授七至十三年级IGCSE 和 IB Language B课程。从教十五年以来,教授过各个阶段各种水平的学生,信奉“教无定法,因材施教”,致力于激励学生自主学习,所教授的学生连续多年在各项考试中取得良好的成绩。

Isabel Xu

Isabel Xu
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Xu Leng Ji (Isabel) is the Co-Principal of YCIS (Yew Chung International School of Shanghai) Hongqiao Campus (ECE and Primary) and Gubei Campus (Secondary). Xu holds bachelor’s degrees in Chinese Language and Literature and Law from East China Normal University and East China University of Political Science and Law respectively. Xu is an IB examiner for Chinese B. Prior to joining YCIS, she worked in key public school in the UK and Shanghai.

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If notification of cancellation from a registered participant is received:
30 days or more prior to a conference or workshop - 80% of registration fee is refunded
Between 15-29 days prior to a conference or workshop - 40% of registration fee is refunded
Less than 15 days prior to a conference or workshop - no refund
In the unlikely event of cancellation of the conferences and workshops due to circumstances beyond our control, we will give full refund of the registration fees. However, we will unable to refund any travel, visa or accommodation expenses incurred from registering the conferences and/or workshops.


Sponsorship Details

Publishers' Invitation

Applications for publishers' registration of our 2018 Chinese Conference are now open.

2018 Chinese Conference
28-30 June, 2018 | Dulwich College Beijing

Companies interesting in sponsoring and attending the Chinese Conference are welcome to apply now by registering online. We look forward to your participation and to welcoming you to the oldest and largest conference in China for teachers of Chinese language and culture to non-natives. At this conference, you may also make books and other supplies available for sale, provided you can issue fa piao.

Chinese Conference is Going Paperless!

Again, at the conference, we will take advantage of the mobile event app, Guidebook. This app will show all conference information including sponsor listings, bio and website links directly on everyone’s mobile device. It helps sponsors to gain extra exposure when delegates can instantly explore more about your company with just a few clicks.

Space is limited based on the number of tables that can fit in the designated area.

You may choose from the following sponsorship options:

1 Table Package - US$400


  • ONE exhibition table for 2.5 days
  • Up to TWO company representatives can attend to man your table*
  • Display of company logo, name, and website URL and description in the Guidebook App

*meals and coffee breaks are included in the packages for representatives attending the conference.

Special 2 Table Package - Only US$600!

2 Table Package - US$600

  • TWO exhibition tables for 2.5 days
  • Up to FOUR company representatives can attend to man your tables*
  • Display of company logo, name, and website URL and description in the Guidebook App

*meals and coffee breaks are included in the packages for representatives attending the conference.

Exclusive Sponsorship of Keynote Presentation - US$300

Sponsoring a Keynote Presentation - US$300

  • Verbal acknowledgement & thanks at Opening Speech. Plus Powerpoint slide to acknowledge the company sponsoring the Keynote Speaker will be displayed before Keynote Session. Limited to only 1 publisher/sponsor on a first come, first served basis.


  • Additional Representative - US$100 per person* (does not include a table)
  • Registration Gifts - Sponsors may wish to donate a gift to be given to all participants at registration. This gift could be badged with your company name/logo. Approx. 270 items needed.

If you have any questions, please email ea@acamis.org

Sponsorship Application

Current Sponsors

We thank you for the following sponsors' generous support for sponsoring this conference!