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2017 Technology Conference

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Highlights from 2017 Technology Conference

ACAMIS expresses sincere thanks to The International School of Macao for hosting the conference, as well as Damien Hehir from YCIS Shanghai and Frances Lond-Caulk from ISB for their contributions as the Chair and Member of the Tech Conference Planning Committee.

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Highlights of the conference throughout the two days:


Planning Committee

Mel Varga
The International School of Macao

Alex Ching
Victoria Shanghai Academy

Matt Kelsey
Nansha College Preparatory Academy

Amita Patel
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Karl Suits
Hangzhou International School

Host School

The International School of Macao (TIS Macao) was established in 2002 to provide a Canadian curriculum and accreditation to local and expatriate students. It is presently a vibrant and rapidly growing school of 1,141 students representing 40 different countries. TIS offers a well-rounded and developmentally appropriate curriculum for students in Pre Kindergarten to Grade 12, culminating in the Alberta High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate(IB) Diploma recognized by universities worldwide.

The International School of Macao
MUST Campus, Block K, Taipa, Macau
+853 2853 3700

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Presenters' Profile

Yamin Ma
Ms. Yamin Ma is Head of Chinese at Island School. She received her M.Ed. in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Queen’s University, Canada. Since 1995, she has taught Chinese at I/GCSE, A/AS and IB B levels to students from near-native to non-background. Ms. Yamin Ma has extensive experience of teaching Chinese to both primary and secondary level students and has run many workshops for teachers in the same field. Ms. Yamin Ma is the author of “Chinese Made Easy” and “Easy Steps to Chinese” series.

Xiaochuan Lin
Lin Xiaochuan currently teaching MYP and DP Chinese, while serving as the head of language acquisition department at the Chadwick International school in South Korea. Her international school teaching experience has spanned for the past 20 years, when she taught in Tanglin Trust School, Overseas Family School in Singapore and the British School of Manila before the Chadwick International. Her teaching committed to cultivating her students’ creative and critical minds through relevant, meaningful and challenging learning experience.
She has become an IBDP workshop leader in 2010, and has successfully facilitated both Chinese Ab Initio and Chinese B workshops since. Implementing MYP the new chapter in the last three years, she has been devoting her time and energy to explore the concept driven and inquiry based approach to the Chinese language acquisition.
Lin Xiao chuan graduated from Fujian Teachers’ university with major in Chinese language and literature and she taught Chinese at a teachers’ college in Fujian for 9 years. After obtaining her Master of Applied linguistic from Macquarie University in Australia in 1996, she started teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language to international students.

牛毅 Peter Niu Yi
牛毅, 在北美、香港和中国大陆地区多所学校有逾十年教授儿童和成人的语言教学经验。他常年活跃在各地区性教学研讨会并担任主讲人。作为教育科技产品的极客,他喜于钻研并亲自投身尝试最新产品的研发,同时他在教学中极力推广哈佛大学教育学院的可视化思维模式。
Niu Yi has had more than ten years experience in teaching languages to kids and adults around the world, including North America, Hong Kong and Mainland China. He has actively contributed to academic workshops as a leader and a speaker. As a passionate geek of educational technology, he has delved into and fully devoted himself to the development of new technological products that can be used in the classroom; meanwhile, he experiments with and promotes the Visible Thinking program pioneered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Mr. Niu graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language followed by a PGDE degree from Hong Kong University. After having completed the degrees, Mr. Niu begun to work at the Chinese International School of Hong Kong, teaching the MYP and DP courses at a variety of levels. For many years, he has coordinated the China Experience Program in Kunming, China.
Mr. Niu is the co-author of the first MYP Chinese course book entitled MYP Language and Literature, which will be published late this year. In addition to this, Mr. Niu writes articles for publications such as Orange News and E-Campus Today. In 2014, he organized and led students to participate in the World Scholar Cup and won the Team Championship in the final round in Yale University. As the Treasurer and board member in Junior Chamber International Queensway Hong Kong, he has been the guest speaker at various events organized by Hong Kong University, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, The United Front Work Department (UFWD) etc.

Marphy Cai
Ph.d of Drama and Theatre in Education, The University of Warwick
Marphy Cai is the founder of Marphy’s Play House. She had Master degree of Drama and Theatre in Education at The University of Warwick, and then continue her Ph.d study in Warwick University. Her research focus on drama and language development in Chinese context. She did TiE workshop in IDEA, France. This project is called the Coldest War and explored history through drama. She also had presentation in IDIERI, Singapore, addressed how to combine drama and story to benefit children’s language development.

鄒蕙蘭 Lanny Tsou, BA MED
Deputy Head of Chinese Faculty & NCS Chinese Coordinator
Ms. Tsou is originally a Chinese teacher from Taiwan, and now works as the Deputy Head of Chinese Faculty & NCS Chinese Coordinator at Creative Secondary School. She is an experienced educator and has previously teaching experience in Taiwan. She obtained a diploma from the Department of News Editing and Reporting from The World College of Journalism (Shih Hsin University). She received a certificate from the Taipei Language Institute Center for Teacher Chinese as a Second Language in 2006. She also holds a Bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and has a Master degree of Teaching Chinese as a Second language from the University of Hong Kong. Her research area focuses on the teaching strategy and curriculum designing for the Second Language. She held many workshops for teachers and students from local secondary schools and the University of Hong Kong in recent years. Meanwhile she maintains her appointed position as an IB Chinese examiner.

MPhil., M.A., B.A.
董宁对 IBDP文学课程的研究深入, 2012年根据新版大纲编写的教材 《国际文凭大学预科项目中文A文学课程指导》(繁简体上下册)出版。董宁的文学研究从不间断,2013年出版了中英文双语版研究清代弹词小说的学术专着 《诚为才女红顔写心》。2014 年《文学课程专题研究论文写作指导》(繁简体各一册) 一书出版。2016年,《IBDP文学术语手册》(繁简体各一册) 一书出版。以上几本专着构成系列的IBDP中文教材,填补了全球IBDP中文教学的空白,满足了IB教学的需要。2017年,《国际文凭大学预科项目中文A文学课程指导》(繁简体上下册)再版发行。


Snapshots & Highlights

2017 Chinese Conference
Utahloy International School of Guangzhou
June 30 - July 2, 2017

Keynote Speeches

Challenges facing Chinese teaching in international contexts
by Yamin Ma



以概念主导的探究性的教学途径 - 汉语习得教学的一个挑战:一个教师的视角和反思
by Xiao Chuan Lin

以概念主导的探究性的教学途径,在许多教育机构比如 IB 的推动下,正形成一股革新潮流,挑战着我们已有的教学思路。这种途径是否适用于语言习得的教学,特别是汉语的教学?聚焦于概念的学习过程是否与扎实的语言学习和交流技能的培养构成冲突?针对这些疑虑,林小川将分享她的理解以及她在尝试这种教学途径的过程中的经验和体会。其要点有:

1. 以概念为主导的探究性教学需要激活学生已有的知识与能力,帮助他们建立目标语言与母语或其它已掌握的语言之间的联系;

2. 以概念为主导的课程意在建构有深意的教学框架,让学生在学习语言掌握交流技能的同时,对相关的重要概念和议题有深入的理解, 并形成思路;

3. 以概念主导的探究性的教学框架能够容纳,也需要采纳各种有效的语言学习及技能训练的方法和策略来落实语言的学习和技能的培养;


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