ACAMIS Early Childhood Education Conference
Saturday, October 23, 2021
International School of Beijing + VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION
Inspire, Explore, Create: Who are we as teachers and learners?



Thank You International School of Beijing for hosting the Conference!
Check out some of the Conference Highlights Here

We are working to post more photos here.  Stay tuned!

The theme of the conference this year is Inspire, Explore, Create:  Who are we as teachers and learners? 

Five sub-areas under this theme will be explored:

  1. Social Identity:  In dialogue with self and other
    • How is self-concept developed through interaction with one another?
    • How do we build our social identity through shared learning and shared experiences?
  2. Collaboration:  In dialogue with the group
    • How does collaborative learning influence the development of the individual and the group?
    • How does collaboration influence our growth and learning as teachers and in teaching teams
  3. Documentation:  In dialogue with observation
    • How are we documenting play, relationships, and learning in a way that deepens learning?
    • Who is our audience when we document, and how are we intentional in reaching our audience?
  4. Sustainability Practice: In dialogue with time and materials
    • As we cultivate practices that deepen the collective learning of learning communities, what sustainable practices support your work? 
    • As we bring more awareness to an ecologically sustainable world, what sustainable practices are we embedding into our learning communities?
  5. Teacher Wellness. The health of us as educators is as important as the health of our children. If you have a passion that you would love to share to support the wellness of the mind, body and spirit for colleagues, we would love to hear from you.
    • Your session could be:
      • Physical (yoga, zumba, juggling, etc),
      • Mindful (meditation, knitting, scrapbooking etc), or
      • Another passion than calms and restores yourself to be the best possible educator that others could be a part of.