ACAMIS English Language Learners (ELL) Conference
Saturday & Sunday, April 22-23, 2023
Beijing World Youth Academy
Theme:  Evidence. Equity. Elevate


The issues related to English Language Learning within our member schools is at the top of the list of concerns about how to integrate increasingly diverse numbers of language speakers into a curriculum based largely on English as the main language of instruction.

The theme of this year’s conference is Evidence Equity Elevate.  The theme focuses on the use of data to inform instruction and to ensure that each student has the support and resources to succeed and thrive. 

Be sure to take this opportunity to connect with colleagues from other schools which is an enriching benefit from these gatherings and most of all, enjoy the stimulation!



Keynote Speakers

Dr Eowyn Crisfield
Oxford Brookes University

Eowyn Crisfield is a Canadian-educated specialist in teaching English as a second/foreign language, teacher-training and bilingualism. Since 2003, she has specialised in the area of parent and teacher education in multilingual schools. Eowyn is an accredited educational consultant based in Oxford, and works with schools internationally. She is also a Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Oxford Brookes University.


Douglas Prescott
Canadian International School of Beijing

A Canadian educator with 4 decades plus of experience, and currently into his 11th year in Beijing, China.

His experience includes teaching P.E, Health-Sex Education, History, Biology, English; Counselor; Athletic Director; Vice-Principal; Principal; Founding Principal, Head of School and Superintendent. He has a great depth of understanding with the Canadian and World International Baccalaureate curriculums with professional certification in IB PYP, MYP and DP programs. Mr. Prescott is a proud member of the C21 CEO Academy in Canada-a Pan-Canadian professional network of school system superintendents committed to setting Canadian standards for 21st century learning, innovation and technology.

Mr. Prescott has been a keynote presenter at schools and school districts across Beijing and China; speaking at international conferences in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and as well in Canada. He regularly hosts groups of local teachers and principals from across Beijing for professional development and motivational talks. These talks and workshops focus on such topics as—How to Become a Great Teacher; 21st Century Skills; Ways to Become a Resilient Leader and more.

He has been recognized and presented with several awards related to his coaching, community volunteerism and professional education work as a Head of School. Mr. Prescott was elected President of the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association (NBIAA) for 2 -two-year terms, with oversight for 76 schools and seventeen interscholastic sports, representing all high schools in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.


Guest Speakers

Deborah J. Short, Ph.D.
Academic Language Research & Training, LLC.

Deborah J. Short, Ph.D. founded Academic Language Research & Training, LLC. She provides professional development on academic literacy, content-based English, and English-medium instruction worldwide. Dr. Short co-developed the research-validated SIOP Model and has directed research and evaluation studies on English language learners and educational programs. Publications include Reach Higher, Panorama, Inside, Edge, and other textbooks (National Geographic Learning/Cengage), the 6 Principles books (TESOL), SIOP Model books (Pearson), and numerous professional journal articles. She has taught ESL and EFL, in New York, California, Virginia, and the DR Congo and presented at conferences in China, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Canada, and the USA. She was TESOL International President for 2020-2021.


Learning Academic Content Through English 

Using an enquiry-based approach focuses students on a big, strategic question that encourages them to make connections with what they already know, and also to work with key science or social studies concepts and language. This ‘Big Question’ sets a purpose for students to read the content-rich texts and to talk with peers in response to comprehension questions so they build a deeper understanding of the topics. Teachers can also use Big Questions as jumping off points for vocabulary, phonics, grammar, and writing instruction and provide students with opportunities to be creative while integrating their growing knowledge of the content and English through oral presentations and writing projects. 



Dr Nonie K. Lesaux
Roy E. Larsen Professor of Education and Human Development
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Nonie K. Lesaux is Roy E. Larsen Professor of Education and Human Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on promoting the language and literacy skills of today’s children from diverse linguistic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Lesaux’s work has earned her the William T. Grant Scholars Award, and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor given by the United States government to young professionals beginning their independent research careers. Lesaux’s research appears in numerous scholarly publications, and its practical applications are featured in three books. She is also the author of a widely circulated state literacy report that forms the basis for a Third Grade Reading Proficiency bill passed in Massachusetts. She is the series editor of Lift and co-author of Reach Higher, both from National Geographic Learning.

Exploring the Shifting Literacy Needs in English Medium Instruction 

Many students all over the world share the same goal: academic success in English. However, these students may not share the same background or experiences. This talk will explore how a shift to a content-based approach to English instruction and curriculum can better meet the needs of tomorrow’s global leaders. 




Host School

Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA) was founded in 2001 for students aged 5 to 18. As well as offering the Chinese national curriculum, BWYA also draws on advanced international educational concepts, teaching methods, and evaluation standards. We have received full authorisation from the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), and accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

BWYA is committed to cultivating lifelong learners who are knowledgeable, love local culture, and have global awareness. Over the past 20 years, we have continuously explored the integration of international programmes with the Chinese national curriculum, making remarkable achievements that have been widely recognised in the teaching industry and wider society. BWYA has had an extraordinarily positive impact on China’s international education.




Ms. Wang Hong
Head of School

Beijing World Youth Academy
Laiguangying West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing PRC 100012
+86 10 6470 6336



Conference Planning Committee