ACAMIS English Language Learners (ELL) Conference
May 14-15, 2022
Beijing World Youth Academy


The issues related to English Language Learning within our member schools is at the top of the list of concerns about how to integrate increasingly diverse numbers of language speakers into a curriculum based largely on English as the main language of instruction.

The theme of this year’s conference is Evidence Equity Elevate.  The theme focuses on the use of data to inform instruction and to ensure that each student has the support and resources to succeed and thrive. 

Be sure to take this opportunity to connect with colleagues from other schools which is an enriching benefit from these gatherings and most of all, enjoy the stimulation!



We are looking for teachers with valuable ideas, insights and teaching/learning strategies to share at our conference.  You may present yourself or if you wish you are welcome to apply to co-present with one or two other teachers.

Safety of our conference participants is our greatest concern. While we expect some travel restrictions may remain in place, we are all in need of interaction with our peers, so we have planned this as a live onsite conference.  We prefer accepting presentation submissions from those who are able to attend and present live at the conference.  However, if travel restrictions remain in place before the conference, virtual presentations will be considered. So if you make a submission and it is approved you should expect to attend the live onsite conference, but if due to travel restrictions you cannot attend, then you commit to presenting virtually to the conference if required.

We are seeking presentation proposals that have a clear link to aspects of this theme. Insight into the theme and some concepts that you may wish to present about are provided below. 

  • Methods for generating and analyzing ELL student data 
  • Using ELL student data to inform instruction 
  • ELL Assessments 
  • Goal setting for ELLs and tracking ELLs growth over time
  • Celebrating growth and success 
  • Rubrics for SWRL - Creating assessment tools for SWRL 
  • Tools and resources to support ELLs
  • Establishing an effective data reporting system - i.e. student language profile to be shared with homeroom, EAL, ELT (enhanced learning teacher/SEN), administrators and single-subject teachers if applicable. 
  • Conducting teacher moderation for data analysis or assessment moderation
  • Differentiating diverse learners  
  • Fostering Multilingual environments 






Ms. Wang Hong
Head of School

Beijing World Youth Academy
Laiguangying West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing PRC 100012
+86 10 6470 6336