Beyond EAL – English language development across the curriculum
The changing nature of international education, and the student populations in international schools, requires a rethink of how we provision for language learners. In traditional international schools,, the population would be linguistically diverse, with a significant number of fluent English speakers. In many international schools now, fluent English speakers are a minority, and in some schools, absent altogether. This creates an immersion situation, in which students are all learning the language simultaneously with content. Past solutions, such as having an EAL teacher (or a team, if lucky!) work with new arrivals are not efficient methods for working with high numbers of EAL students. Reconsidering our curriculum as a language-enhanced vehicle for learning means exploring language-integrated pedagogies that involves all teachers and subjects in the dual tasks of teaching content and teaching language. In this talk we will look at what language-integrated planning looks like, and learn about a model for developing our curricula using this approach.

The workshop will explore the connections between language-integrated teaching and translanguaging, and present the participants with clear frameworks for understanding and implementing both LIT and critical translanguaging pedagogies in their classrooms.