Alycia Owen & Gina Zlaket
The American International School of Guangzhou

Alycia is an international educator, instructional coach, and ELD specialist who has implemented the co-teaching model in math, science, and language arts.  She has provided professional development for schools in the US and abroad and has been a workshop presenter at NESA, AASSA, EARCOS international teachers' conferences and SIOP National Conference. She currently teaches in China where she is Head of Department for EAL, offers consultation for teachers, and develops professional learning opportunities at the American International School of Guangzhou.

Gina’s educational career began in the USA and has led her to international schools in both Romania and China. With 14 years’ experience teaching both Middle and High School English, Gina’s passion is building literacy skills by emphasizing student voice and choice. Her approach is influenced by the Reading and Writing Workshop model, adapted for use in an international Middle School Language Arts setting.

‘Til June Do Us Part: Making the Co-Teaching Marriage Work
In a marriage, the quality of and the commitment to a sound relationship cannot be ignored.  The same is true of a co-teaching partnership.  As an increasing number of schools begin to adopt the co-teaching model, valuing and nurturing these relationships is vital.  Our workshop will bring the perspective of a co-teaching team in the field that combines the expertise of the ELD specialist and content teacher to serve the needs of all learners. We acknowledge our individual strengths, but we know that we are stronger together.


Target Audiences:
Our target audience includes teachers and administrators who are currently using a co-teaching model or considering its implementation.  Teachers of all grade levels/subject areas, curriculum leaders, and administrators are welcome.