ACAMIS English Language Learners (ELL) Conference
April 24-25, 2021
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Pudong (Regency Park Campus)



In Collaboration with

Beth MacLennan & Judy Li
Dulwich College Suzhou

Beth MacLennan is currently working as Head of Communication and Language at Dulwich College Suzhou. She has a strong interest in co-teaching as a model to support children who are language learners.

Judy Li is currently working as ELL Co-teacher and Dual Language Teacher Mentor at Dulwich College Suzhou. She has a strong interest in a dual language and working with the class teachers and ATs to support children who need language learning support.


How to Support Language Development through Co-Teaching
How can teachers work together to serve multilingual learners in today's schools? We will explore how teachers can collaborate to support language development in an Early Years and Lower Primary setting. The session will touch on research, student wellbeing, planning for co-teaching and implementation. We will also discuss the advantages and challenges faced in a multi-lingual setting.


Target Audiences:
Early Years & Lower Primary