The ACAMIS Peer Learning Community offers collaborative learning to benefit you and your school.

Last Chance to Join before our next round of live sessions start on October 24th! 



What is a Peer Learning Community?

When you join an ACAMIS Peer Learning Community, you join a group of peers performing a similar job for professional learning, sharing and networking that is specifically customised to your role.  Share resources and gain practical real insights.

In partnership, ACAMIS and PD Academia want to support the professional learning of educators and administrators who are traditionally underserved by existing training or can feel isolated in their role.

Some of the most effective professional learning happens in an environment where teachers and administrators dictate the learning agenda, ensuring it is timely and relevant. The ACAMIS Peer Learning Community provides professionally hosted meetings with participant-led agendas, so that sharing of experiences and resources is productive and collaboration is nurtured.



  • Five 90-minute professionally hosted virtual meetings over the school year
  • Community platform where key insights, resources and recordings are shared
  • Regular posts on our platform to encourage members to develop ideas and solve problems together
  • Recommended connections feature to help you build lasting professional relationships


Customised to benefit ACAMIS Members 

  • Customised ACAMIS Exclusive Communities - a good selection of Communities offered are only for ACAMIS Member school participation, to help ensure the integrity of our Member schools' regional context and needs


39 Communities to choose from to suit your needs:

For the 2023-24 school year we will be offering a choice of 39 Peer Learning Communities suiting a broad range of job roles, across these 4 categories:  

  • Administrative Support
  • Elementary / Early Years
  • Secondary
  • Whole School / Specialists

7 Communities will be hosted in Mandarin

The available Communities are shown below (click links to see host and further information). 

Administrative Support

Elementary/Early Years


Whole School/Specialists




What our members are saying:

"Being part of ACAMIS Peer Learning Community is a win for our school. The Communities give us the chance to learn from others and showcase our own practices...We plan to remain connected next year and beyond."

- Kasson Bratton, Nanjing International School

"ACAMIS Peer Learning Community has been a fantastic addition to professional learning for schools and educators...At a time when schools are aiming to be more inclusive in professional learning and find opportunities for staff who are not traditionally well provided for...We look forward to the expansion of the Communities to include more opportunities for staff in supporting and non-teaching roles"

- Stephen Taylor, Western Academy of Beijing


Flexible Payment Options

Single person membership to one Community is just US$203 (originally US$290) for the 2023/24 school year, inclusive of a 10% discount for all ACAMIS members. Join before November 10.

Registration fees can be paid ONLY in USD via credit card or Wire Transfers

If your school already has purchased memberships for staff, then please email PeerSphere so that they can inform your School Account Manager (SAM) of your interest. If your school hasn’t registered any staff to participate, you can use this letter to initiate the inquiry with the person in charge of professional development at your school.