ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference
May 30-31, 2020*
Keystone Academy

*rescheduled dates

Conference Rescheduled - Important Update announced 14 February 2020

Thank you all for your patience and support regarding the status of the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference during this time of uncertainty. Because of the current extended school closings, we have rescheduled the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference for May 30-31. This conference is so important to us because of the need for the Heads' Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the business meetings for sports and ACE where forward planning takes place for the next year. In making this change, we realize that your calendars will begin to fill with make-up events and that any alternate date may exclude some with other obligations, such as Graduation Ceremonies. This date allows you to return to a degree of normal operations as well as providing a greater degree of assurance regarding safety and travel.

With the strong assistance, flexibility and encouragement of Malcolm McKenzie, Head of Keystone Academy, May 30-31 not only fits their schedule, but also that of our two great keynote speakers, STEDMAN GRAHAM and ROSALIND WISEMAN, who were able to rearrange their calendars and are excited about joining us. In view of all the uncertainty we are going through, we have added another dimension to the conference that we all may need by that time, a celebration of the end of a trying school year for everyone!

As we race to revise the programme and communicate with peer presenters, sponsors and providers, we ask that you enter these new dates on your calendar.

Action to Take:
We will shortly be contacting all those people that registered for the conference asking them to:

  • Check your school calendar and re-confirm your registration - All those who registered are kindly asked to reconfirm their registration for the rescheduled dates. There is no hurry to do this unless a registered attendee simply cannot/will not attend (for whatever reason) in which case inform us as soon as possible. For those who can attend, please reconfirm with Gary Henderson at and state the person’s name and enter the word ATTEND next to their name. To help our planning, please try to inform us before April 30.

  • Cannot attend/Cancel – If, based on these new dates, a definite decision is made that a registered attendee simply cannot/will not attend the conference, we will fully refund registration fees paid. To cancel please email as soon as possible to and state the person’s name and enter the word CANCEL next to their name. To arrange a refund please also provide details of the bank account to receive a US dollar wire transfer payment. Refunds can only be paid to the party who originally paid the invoice.
Registration is Now Available
Meanwhile, for those who had not yet registered or who wish to add registrations, registration has now reopened.

Please note, in thanks to those who are able to attend, our discounted early registration fee of US$360 will now apply to all who registered as well as those who now register (except for the discounted peer presenter fee that still applies).

We hope you will be able join us to give this school year the send-off it deserves along with kudos for our great leaders in ACAMIS schools.

Sunday, March 8, 2020
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Keystone Academy, Beijing

Chaired by
Sandra Webster
Principal of Bradbury School

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This year the theme of the annual ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference will be “Values Added”. In many schools, we think about “Value Added”. Usually this refers to what the institution, and teachers, add to what the students bring with them. We expect creative and productive schools like ours to add significant value to our students’ learning. Perhaps not quite so many schools concern themselves with the ‘values’ that they add to the lives of their students. Our theme of “Values Added” is meant to encourage engagement with and discussion of the importance of values in the school curriculum, in and out of the classroom. Is it enough to be merely a “Value Adding” school? Or does holistic learning, which might encompass character and moral growth in addition to scholastic development, require “Values Added” as well?

This year’s theme recognizes that learning communities grow in goodness together. We are rigorous academic institutions at all levels, of course, but as schools we should be looking for, and looking after, so much more than the pursuit of the intellectual. At Keystone, the centrality of our 5 values – arising as they do from the Confucian tradition -- is part and parcel of our public purpose: We believe that China, and the world, need students and teachers who bring the life of the mind together with a caretaker’s spirit. As educators, we set our sights on the development of character and community throughout our school setting, and beyond.

There will be nine strands at the Spring Leadership Conference based on the theme of "Values Added." They include:

  • Leaders and Management:
    • Heads/Principals;
    • Middle Management and Aspiring Leaders;
    • Business Managers/HR/Facilities Managers
  • Student Activities:
    • Athletic Directors/Coaches;
    • ACE and Performing Arts Coordinators;
    • Community Learning and Service;
  • Student Support:
    • Residential Life and Pastoral Care;
    • University Placement Counselors/Advisors; and
    • Librarians

Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous support!

Subject to further changes and updates