ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference
March 6-7, 2020
Keystone Academy

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Sunday, March 8, 2020
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Keystone Academy, Beijing

Chaired by
Sandra Webster
Principal of Bradbury School

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This year the theme of the annual ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference will be “Values Added”. In many schools, we think about “Value Added”. Usually this refers to what the institution, and teachers, add to what the students bring with them. We expect creative and productive schools like ours to add significant value to our students’ learning. Perhaps not quite so many schools concern themselves with the ‘values’ that they add to the lives of their students. Our theme of “Values Added” is meant to encourage engagement with and discussion of the importance of values in the school curriculum, in and out of the classroom. Is it enough to be merely a “Value Adding” school? Or does holistic learning, which might encompass character and moral growth in addition to scholastic development, require “Values Added” as well?

This year’s theme recognizes that learning communities grow in goodness together. We are rigorous academic institutions at all levels, of course, but as schools we should be looking for, and looking after, so much more than the pursuit of the intellectual. At Keystone, the centrality of our 5 values – arising as they do from the Confucian tradition -- is part and parcel of our public purpose: We believe that China, and the world, need students and teachers who bring the life of the mind together with a caretaker’s spirit. As educators, we set our sights on the development of character and community throughout our school setting, and beyond.

There will be nine strands at the Spring Leadership Conference based on the theme of "Values Added." They include:

  • Leaders and Management:
    • Heads/Principals;
    • Middle Management and Aspiring Leaders;
    • Business Managers/HR/Facilities Managers
  • Student Activities:
    • Athletic Directors/Coaches;
    • ACE and Performing Arts Coordinators;
    • Community Learning and Service;
  • Student Support:
    • Residential Life and Pastoral Care;
    • University Placement Counselors/Advisors; and
    • Librarians

Keynote Speakers

Author, Educator and Entrepreneur

Stedman Graham is Chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates.

Graham delivers his identity message nationally and internationally to businesses, corporations, professional associations, government and civic organizations, and colleges and universities. His message is driven by the Nine Step Success Process® which supports Identity Leadership development.

Stedman Graham has authored eleven books, including two New York Times bestsellers, You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success and Teens Can Make It Happen: Nine Steps to Success. His latest release, Identity: Your Passport to Success, was a Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

A commitment to education and lifelong learning is central to Graham’s philosophy.

He served as a former professor at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, where he taught management strategy and leadership.

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Expert on Ethical Leadership

Rosalind Wiseman is Founder of Cultures of Dignity, Author, and an International Presenter on Ethical Issues.

From where we learn to where we work, Rosalind Wiseman fosters civil dialogue and inspires communities to build strength, courage and purpose. Through professional development training, speaking, teaching, and consulting in a wide array of organizations, educational institutions and corporations, Rosalind is reimagining social emotional learning for all: so we can all be in better relationships with each other.

National media regularly depends on Wiseman as the expert on ethical leadership, conflict, media literacy, youth culture, parenting, and bullying prevention. She has been profiled in The New York Times, People, Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and USA Today. Wiseman is a frequent guest on national media like The Today Show, CNN, and NPR affiliates throughout the country.

Host School

Keystone Academy is an innovative and unique school in China and the world. It draws from Chinese, American and International learning traditions and weaves them into a powerful bilingual education model. It is truly one-of-its kind in China. The curriculum is bilingual in the primary years with more intensive instruction in English through middle and high schools. We focus on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and creative problem solving in a rigorous intellectual environment. This prepares Keystone students for the challenges of the modern integrated world. Keystone's academic program is international in scope with a strong and intentional central Chinese focus on national identity, language, culture, and history. Our school is from foundation year through grade 12.


Our school includes a boarding program, optional in grades seven and eight, and mandatory in grades 9-12. Through our residential program, our students will develop the values, close relationships and independence that are essential for positive leadership and success. Western educational approaches in a Chinese context enable a model of true cultural fusion and international understanding. The majority of our students will be Chinese, but we will also have a healthy representation of other nationalities.

Our sprawling campus is in Shunyi, Beijing, which includes a state-of-the-art music room, theatre, indoor gymnasium, science labs and other facilities.

Malcolm McKenzie
Head of School
No.11, Anfu Street, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318
+86 10 8049 6008

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