One-day Three Accreditation Workshops

Shanghai Community International School - Hongqiao Campus
Sunday, March 3, 2019
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Costs: Click on below links to see the costs.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

What will the workshops address?
CIS, NEASC and WASC will offer separate one-day workshops related to accreditation. Separate announcements will be sent to the respective constituents or links will be provided through the agency’s website.

The sessions will address aspects of the accreditation process as an ongoing school improvement process. These one-day workshops will involve participants in interactive sessions that provide accreditation training for schools and/or visiting committee members. Emphases will vary with the accreditation agency.

How do I learn more information about each session? How do I register? Is there a cost?
Please see the brief descriptions and the links below for further information regarding each session.

The goals of this interactive CIS workshop are to:
  • Deepen understanding of accreditation as a school improvement process
  • Provide a “taster” for individuals who would like to become trained CIS evaluators. (Note: all CIS evaluator training is done online, so this workshop does not qualify participants as evaluators)
  • Ensure schools understand and fully utilize the services available to a CIS member e.g., Careers and Recruitment, Higher Education, sharing data and knowledge, child protection and professional development opportunities.
The workshop is designed for Heads of School, CIS accreditation coordinators, schools interested in becoming a CIS member and those interested in learning more about how to become a CIS evaluator.
Sign up via this link: CIS Accreditation Workshop


A one-day workshop for any educator interested in serving as a NEASC ACE Learning Accreditation Visitor. This workshop is also appropriate for school stakeholders who are undergoing ACE accreditation or would like a deeper understanding of the accreditation process. Click here for more information.

ACS WASC will offer a Focus on Learning visiting committee member and self-study training workshop. The goals of this session are:
  • To prepare educators to serve on ACS WASC visiting committees, emphasizing the role and responsibilities of an ACS WASC visiting committee member
  • To examine the essentials of the Focus on Learning process and its adaptability from a self-study perspective.
Visit the ACS WASC website for additional information and to register for the workshop: