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ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 17-18, 2020

Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen

Theme:  Building Connections


The annual ACAMIS Technology Conference has been a gateway for educators in our network to not only get introduced to transformative classroom technologies, but training and use cases to ensure they can reliably introduce those technologies into their classroom. Our conference has had unprecedented year-on-year growth, but it’s now more than ever that every educator in our network needs to participate in this conference. Our educators not only need to reflect on the impact educational technologies have had over the past year, but also understand how we can use technology more effectively to sustain the level of interconnectedness we had grown accustom to before COVID-19.

Our theme for this year is not only intended to address how technology can enable greater connectedness with students and peers, in and out of the classroom, but also to demonstrate how we can use these tools to provide real time social and emotional support. Elizabeth Cooper, the Chairperson for the ACAMIS Robotics Committee (ARC), put it best by emphasizing the importance of strengthening peer networks and building capacity to sustain those networks, even in the face of a pandemic:

Last January, we were busy working with our students to prepare them for regional robotics competitions up until the minute we left for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, we were unable to return to school following the holiday and had to cancel all competitions for the year when the coronavirus pandemic hit.  We lost connections with our students, and our students missed the opportunity to connect with peers in other schools and … sharing their work. This year, our goal in ACAMIS Robotics is to make sure all students have opportunities to engage in robotics activities, whether this means attending regional competitions, virtually connecting with other schools...

This is a story shared by so many educators that we are determined not to see repeat. Many schools have been making tremendous strides to build their remote teaching and learning capacity. This ACAMIS Conference we not only intend on introducing technologies to further develop that capacity, but go deeper into technologies many of us our already familiar with and demonstrate how they can be used to build and maintain real-time connections with our peers, students and families.

Below is a list of Strands that this year’s conference will be organized around, for which we are currently reviewing presentation proposals for:  (subject to further update and changes)

  • Classroom Technologies
    • Emerging (20 min presentations)
      • Technologies coming soon to a classroom near you
      • Recent product releases and updates for Distance/Remote Learning
      • Recent product releases and updates for Technologies that support a Hybrid Classroom (Classes with students on and off campus)
      • In-Class technologies
      • Subject specific Job-a-likes (Maths, Science, Arts, Language, Physical Education, etc.)
    • Mature (20 &90 min workshops, geared towards developing skills)
      • Technologies we have come to rely on to support Distance/Remote Learning
      • Technologies we have come to rely on to support (Classes with students on and off campus)
      • In-Class technologies
      • Job-a-likes (Maths, Science, Arts, Language, Physical Education, etc)

  • Building Connections for Professional, Social and Emotional Well-being
    • Social Media
    • Community Building
    • Job-a-likes (Maths, Science, Arts, Language, Physical Education, etc)

  • Robotics

More information will be available soon - Stay tuned!