ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

Shanghai Singapore International School, Shanghai

Theme:  Tech Well

  • Mature Technologies
  • Presenting On-site at SSIS
  • School Leader/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Whole School

Jordan Benedict 
Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus

Jordan has been teaching in International Schools in the Middle East and East Asia for the past 10 years. He has held a variety of roles including teacher, learning coach, data coach, and consultant. Early on, Jordan developed a passion for coaching and innovation. He has written for a variety of online sources, contributed content to best-selling books, published research, and a guest on podcasts. Jordan also is the founder, and co-writer, for where insights in using schoolwide data and coaching are shared. Connect with Jordan on Twitter @JordanGBenedict.

Digital Learning Walks: Celebrating Learning In-Person or at a Distance
A core function of leaders and coaches is celebrating the good. One of the best ways to highlight and celebrate great teaching is through classroom visits. But what if you can’t? What if circumstances, such as those in 2020, prevent us from sharing spaces? At Shanghai American School, we developed the “Digital Learning Walk” – a modification of a traditional learning walk that can happen in digital spaces. In this session, participants will see examples of digital learning walks, understand the process and pitfalls, and begin to brainstorm their own ideas for integrating digital learning walks into their own practice. 



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