ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

Shanghai Singapore International School, Shanghai

Theme:  Tech Well

  • Presenting Virtually
  • Technology Coordinator/Director
  • Technology Integrator
  • Tech Wellness
  • Whole School

Kevin Crouch
Western Academy Beijing

A passionate technology and innovative learning leader with 18 years of experience growing diverse programs around 21st century learning, technology, and innovation leadership at schools such as IS Brussels, AS Bombay, AIS Chennai, and currently at the Western Academy of Beijing. I am an influencer, giver, innovator, collaborator, networker, and team builder. I grow leaders, risk-takers, and explorers. I build confidence, develop courage, and cultivate a vision. When all the kids have technology in their hands, I know what to do next.


Can I do it, and is it Worth it? - Why some schools successfully adopt new technology tools and why others fail.
Uncover insights for coaches and leaders to better understand the factors that promote and sustain adoption of technologies for Digital-Age learning.

Explore a framework that will lead you to a balanced approach to technology adoption of both obligatory and optional technology tools and practices and that considers the human side of technology change.




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