ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

Shanghai Singapore International School, Shanghai

Theme:  Tech Well

  • Pre-Recorded Presentation
  • Technology Coordinator/Director
  • Technology Integrator
  • Tech Wellness

Max Eisl

For the past 11 years, Max Eisl has consulted with international schools on technologies including student information, online learning and communications platforms. He is a frequent speaker sharing his expertise and vision on digital communications to help international schools succeed in their unique markets. He holds a BS in Chemistry/Comprehensive Science/Secondary Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. Mr Eisl worked in schools for 14 years as a teacher and a principal.


Building a School Website for the New Normal - How the Pandemic Forever Changed the Role of Your School's Website
Successful schools of the future need to build value both on campus and online. In this session you will explore the power of digital storytelling, maximizing your digital footprint and driving conversions for revenue generation and revenue retention along the lifecycle of your potential and current families. In this session you will learn: 1) Why you should audit your school’s digital plans; 2) How to use your digital campus to increase community engagement; 3) How offering more online experiences open up your school to more prospective families; 4) How hybrid fundraising events can increase donations and participation; and 5) Best practices for marketing your distance learning programs, virtual admissions opportunities and online fundraising events



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