ACAMIS Technology Conference
Saturday & Sunday, October 16-17, 2021

Shanghai Singapore International School, Shanghai

Theme:  Tech Well

  • Elementary School
  • Emerging Technologies
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Presenting On-site at SSIS
  • School Leader/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Technology Coordinator/Director
  • Technology Integrator
  • Whole School

Paarth K. Sharma
Shanghai Singapore International School

We are Build Your Own School, one of the most technologically advanced tech programs in SSIS, and we have a vision that Virtual Reality is going to be the future of our technological existence. Within a year from Dec 2019 to Dec 2020, we worked incredibly hard to produce a big Virtual Reality tour of one of our school buildings right from absolute scratch. This was done by our able 6 member team consisting of only students from middle and high school. In this workshop, we hope to share this knowledge and vision for the future of VR with people around us.


The BYOS Virtual Reality Studio
In this workshop, people with no prior experience in 3D modeling or VR technology will be guided through a comprehensive and full-fledged tour of taking an object that can be seen around us such as a pencil or a water bottle, and by the end of the workshop having it exist in a VR headset. This will involve going through something we refer to as "The VR Pipeline", in which your chosen item will first be analyzed, then converted into a raw 3D model, then texturized, and then coded to enable VR support. 




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